Best Foot Spa And Bath Reviews


Best Foot Spa And Bath Reviews

The best foot spa models are able to improve body circulation, alleviate pain, release toxins, improve your mood, replenish lost energy and relax your entire body.

Top modles include extra features and ergonomic designs that help your feet relax after a hard day of work.

It can be expensive to go to an actual spa but buying your own model will save you a lot of money. Plus, the best foot bath gives you the opportunity to conveniently relax in your own home and get a massage any time day or night.

Here are a few models we hand picked that are worth checking out:

Dr. Scholl’s Invigorating Pedicure Spa


Revive tired feet with this invigorating pedicure spa by Dr. Scholl’s.

Get a soothing massage each and every day as the unit gives immediate relief with its warm water, removable pumice, massaging roller and five-piece kit for a perfect pedicure right in the comfort of your own home as often as you want one.

The features of this modelby Dr. Scholl include smart heat for a spa oasis, bubbles, a soothing massage, a heel-softening pumice stone and a top of the line pedicure set.


Brookstone Aqua Jet Heated Foot Bath


Brookstone heated foot bath relaxes tired feet, relieves tight muscles and increases overall body circulation.

There are two adjustable speeds on the rotating jets that create a personal massage for your feet. Water is quickly heated up to one hundred and fifteen degrees Fahrenheit and this temperature is maintained, eliminating the need for additional hot water to be added in.

Exfoliate dry, rough skin on heels and foot pads with the removable pumice stone featured by the Brookstone. The over-sized, roomy tub fits up to a men’s size 14 comfortably.

The Aqua Jet features hydro jets where your tired feet needs it the most. No fuss, no mess over-sized tub keeps the water exactly where you need it most. Slip your feet into the water and you will love the water jets massaging the soles of your feet.


Conair Foot Spa Waterfall with Heat, Lights and Bubbles


It features great stability with its added nonslip feet.

You tend to get extra deep with nodes that massage your feet, giving each foot a full massage. There is one pedicure attachment included in this model and for extra massage action, there are also nodes and an attachment on the base and splash-guard for your convenience.

The soothing heat feature and bubbles are activated by touching the controls with your toe.

The temperature is maintained by the heat feature of the warm water within the foot bath. Quick and easy to use and set up, this product is perfect for home relaxation. The size is perfect for easy storage under the sink or on a bathroom shelf or drawer.

The best part is that you don’t have to go very far to get a great relaxing foot massage each and every day.


Kendal Bath With Heat – MS0810M


It features oxygenated bubbles, infrared, a high vibration frequency and a heated spa and bath massager.

The high quality plastic this foot massager is made with is made to last year after year and resists high temperature.

Great as a gift or for personal use, the 2 active rollers for massage are set within the output of water.

These rollers help in eliminating fatigue as they massage your soaking feet. Blood circulation is promoted by this foot massager as well as an improvement in overall metabolism.

The Qi meridians of the body are smoothed out as your feet get a massage. The fact that this product heats up to a nice warm temperature the way it claims is truly relaxing on winter days or at the end of each work day.


HoMedics Hydro Therapy Foot Massager


The clear HoMedics hydro therapy foot massager features illuminated styling, a center node for massages, heat maintenance and an invigorating vibration massage.

There are four individual jets of water and an ergonomic feel to this HomeMedics foot spa and foot massager. Come home every day to a free foot massage in your very own home that is utterly effective.

Get your body circulation going as you soak each of the soles of your feet in the warm, invigorating water.


HOT SPA 61355 Foot Bath Plus Acupressure Massage Center


The 61355 foot bath by Hot Spa features nonstop bubbles, warm water and a massage vibration touch control center which is waterproof. There are twenty-six quarts of water that this spa is able to hold.

Fits up to men’s size eleven and up to size thirteen for women’s feet. There is even a caddy included that holds each attachment and keeps everything all in one place. There are also water drain holes with a heel rest on this product. Options for a dual massage include 3 interchangeable attachments on the massage center featuring options you can choose from.

There are also stimulating massage rollers and an extra deep tub for feet or hands built into the translucent hood for maximum splash protection and heat retention.


PIBBS Foot Bath Massager


The Pibbs FM3830A features multiple detachable attachments, a waving feature to make mini-waves, a foot bath massager and a modern rotating node.

The ergonomic design features easy storage and splash-proof maximum water retention. There are nodules to step o for your feet to get an extra massage feeling each time you soak your feet.

You will love the streamlined look of the compact design created by PIBBS. You will love the way the water heats up fairly quickly on this model and the textured floor of the spa is a great feature and completely relaxing after a hard day at work.  You will love knowing that you can have a relaxing foot massage in the comfort of your own home whenever the urge hits.



Getting your own foot bath gives you the benefit of coming home after a long day and getting re-invigorated by the soothing warm water and vibrations of a relaxing foot spa.

The best part is that even some of the best  models cost a fraction of how much it costs to visit real spa.

Why not consider getting your own? After all, with the hectic schedules we all have to deal with, a little pampering really does go a long way towards a more relaxed you.

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