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Black & Decker DCM600B 5-Cup Coffee Maker Review

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Have you got a new apartment or maybe a new office? Have you shifted to a dorm recently? Has your old coffee maker died on you? In all these scenarios and many others, you need to buy the Black & Decker DCM 600B 5-Cup coffee maker.

This is an incredible coffee machine which is perfect for making a few cups of coffee. It is compact in size and thus is ideal for keeping in small apartments, offices and even your own room in the dorm. This coffee maker comes with a non-stick carafe plate which keeps your coffee hot. The removable filter makes it easier to clean the coffee maker and discard away any material.


Black & Decker DCM 600B 5-Cup Coffee Maker has got some really amazing and practical features which make the whole process of making coffee an enjoyable one.

Here are the different features of this amazing coffee maker which makes buying it a must have:

  • Has a Compact Size
  • Brews Coffee at an Optimal Temperature
  • Comes with a Removable Filter Basket
  • Has a Non-Stick Carafe Plate
  • Markings for Coffee and Water Levels are Present
  • The Water Window Makes the Coffee Making Experience Worthwhile
  • Comes with a Duralife Carafe
  • 2 Years Limited Warranty
  • Comes with A Power Switch

Has a Compact Size

black-decker-dcm600b-5-cup-coffee-makerBlack & Decker has specifically designed this coffee maker to be placed in such areas where less space is available. This is why this model comes in a compact size which makes it easier to be placed even at the narrowest of spaces.

Brews Coffee at an Optimal Temperature

The problem with most of the coffee makers is that they make coffee at a real temperature and end up destroying its taste. This coffee maker is excellent for every coffee lover who likes his coffee to be brewed with love at just the right temperature.

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Comes with a Removable Filter Basket

The removable filter basket is a bonus feature which helps you in keeping your coffee maker clean and tidy. Once you are done with making the coffee, simply clean the filter to get rid of any residue which might have got accumulated there. You can also pop up the filter basket in your dishwasher to get cleaned.

Has a Non-Stick Carafe Plate

And this is not just a regular non-stick carafe plate. It is, in fact, a “keep hot” one for keeping your coffee warm in the pot even for longer periods of time. So now you do not have to worry about keeping your coffee warm if you have prepared an extra cup or two. No need to buy an additional thermos for you as well, as the carafe plate is specially designed to keep your coffee fresh and hot.

Markings for Coffee and Water Levels are Present

Oh, who wants to fill cups and cups of water and pour them into the jugs for preparing coffee. The coffee maker comes with water level markings making it easier for measuring how many cups of coffee you want to prepare.

The Water Window Makes the Coffee Making Experience Worthwhile

Everyone has got their own way of brewing coffee. Some brew it for longer periods of time, while others do not. The water window makes it possible to see how much the water has reduced. This makes it easier for you to decide how long is enough for the coffee to be brewed.

Comes with a Duralife Carafe

The Duralife carafe is guaranteed to last for years and years. This high-quality carafe is also chemical free and is entirely harmless for your health.

2 Years Limited Warranty

The two years warranty makes it the best coffee maker to go for. If you experience any issues with the coffee maker during the first two years of the purchase, you can always get it fixed for free. This is a bonus because many other companies give just a 1-year warranty on their coffee makers.

Comes with A Power Switch

With the power switch, you can quickly and easily turn on or off your Black & Decker 600B 5-Cup Coffee Maker.

Price Range

This fantastic coffee maker is available for just under $20, making it affordable for everyone. The best thing is that even though it is light on the pocket, it does not mean that this coffee maker is not of excellent quality. In fact, it is so reasonably priced that it is likely to become the most famous coffee maker.

Pros of Black & Decker 600 B

  • It can prepare 5 cups of coffee at a time.
  • You can use either paper or permanent filters for placing the coffee grounds.
  • It comes with a removable dishwasher safe filter basket.
  • You can easily see how much water is present in the carafe.
  • You can simply turn it on r off with a switch.
  • It mostly makes a medium strong coffee, but you can always increase the amount of the coffee grounds and reduce the amount of water.
  • It takes no more than 3 to 5 minutes to prepare coffee using this coffee maker.

Cons of Black & Decker 600 B

  • It may not have a long working life.
  • Sometimes the coffee does not turn out to be tasty.
  • The machine can only brew coffee which is medium strong.

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The Final Verdict – Black & Decker 600 B 5-Cup Coffee Maker is a Good Investment

Why we call it a good investment is because its pros outnumber its cons. In fact, this coffee maker has been considered as one of the best coffee makers by us. Besides for just $20 worth of money, it actually makes all your coffee making issues easier. It makes pure coffee without going into the nitty-gritty of various coffee issues, thus is ideal for those who are always looking to grab a quick cup of coffee without breaking their budget.


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