Breville JE4 Stainless Steel Juicer Review


Breville JE4 Stainless Steel Juicer Review

With the increase in health awareness among people, the juicer market has certainly seen a big boom. Since juices are regarded to be the smoothest and quickest form in which your body takes in nutrients. Therefore, having a smart juicer at your kitchen will be very handy. Said that, Breville Juicers are the most popular ones in today’s market and one of the main reasons for this is that, these juicers have a great deal of cool features. The roots of the company is in Australia with its branches in UK and US and is very well known for its innovative kitchen appliances that boast elegant design and high performance making Breville one of the best selling kitchen appliances in the market. In the following review we will see about Breville’s best selling JE4 Cafe Series Commercial Style Juicer.

Note that, this model is called JE4 Cafe Series Commercial Style Juicer and 800 JEXL Juiced Fountain Elite in US.



The Breville JE4 Cafe Series Commercial Style Juicer looks like a classy gadget, first up with its distinct and appealing design. The finishing is a very attractive brushed stainless steel and top marks to Breville for achieving a great modern design that derives its style attributes from some of the attractive commercial machines. Let us face it, it is going to look good on the worktop of any kitchen. With dimensions of just 43 x 30 x 18 cm, the Breville juicer occupies not much space and helps you in making a whole range of tasty and energetic juices with veggies and fruits. Though this large stainless steel juicer is sturdy and made well, it is too heavy at 6.4 Kgs and so, it is just not ideal for lifting in and out of the cupboards. Equipped with a jug capacity of 1 litre, it acts as a great storage. The jug with strong handle makes it easy for it to be comfortably carried from room to room without any nasty spills. Best of all, the JE4 is designed in such a way that you will never have to face any hassles while cleaning it up.


The durability and usage of the Breville Cafe Series JE4 juicer has been increased with a helping hand from the die cast metal base and stainless steel parts. To ensure perfect safety of the users, the juicer will not operate until the juice cover and safety locking arm are in place in the vertical position. The built-in safety mechanism and locking parts prevents the juicer from being operated when it is not assembled properly and also from being overloaded.


Assembling the JE4 Cafe Series Stainless Steel Juicer is extremely easy. First, place the Filter Bowl Surround on top of the Motor Base and align the arrows on the Stainless Steel Filter Basket with the arrows on the Motor Drive coupling and push down until it clicks into place. Ensure the Stainless Steel Filter Basket is fitted securely inside the Filter Bowl Surround and onto the Motor Base. Then, Place the Juicer Cover over the Filter Bowl Surround, positioning the Juicer Cover over the Stainless Steel Filter Basket and lower into position. Raise the Safety Locking Arm up and lock into the two grooves on either side of the Juicer Cover, and now, the Safety Locking Arm should be in a vertical position and locked into place on top of the Juicer Cover. The next step is to just slide the food pusher down the Chute. The final step is placing the pulp container into position by tilting slightly and placing the juice jug provided under the spout if the juicer.

Chute, Jug, Pulp container and Mesh filter:

The Breville has equipped the JE4 with a extra wide 75mm stainless steel chute which is patented that gulps in the complete fruit or veggie without you having to peel or cut them. And by complete fruits and veggies, we mean everything and no exceptions including beetroots, whole apples and carrots; this makes the process of juicing not very time consuming. To be more specific, the JE4 employs centrifugal juicing method. The integrated generous jug of one litre juice capacity and the pulp collection bin of 2 litre capacity help you produce large quantity of juice without stopping the juicer machine. Both the pulp container and juice jug are free standing, so you have to just place them under the correct dispenser. The juicer also has a micro mesh filter that does the job of adequately mashing and filtering the pulp in order to ensure that maximum juice out of the food is extracted.

Speed levels:

The two speed levels in the Breville JE4 Centrifugal juicer allow you to easily work with both the soft and hard fruits and vegetables; while the lower speed takes care of the softer fruits, the higher speed deals with the harder ones. All that you have to do is, just place the fruits in the feed tube and switch on the smooth On/Off button to kick start the process to enjoy your tasty health drink.

Powerful Motor:

The Breville JE4 Juicer is operated by a specially crafted 1.6HP powerful commercial motor. This motor provides the juicer with enough power to the juicer to prepare juices at lightning speed. As we had mentioned previously, the motor is built in a stainless steel (die cast ) that helps maintain the operational noise at the Breville JE4 pretty low than the expected level.


Moving on to the part of juicing performance, the Breville JE4 1200 watts Juicer Machine offers you with nice smooth veggie juice in just about 50 seconds. And it is no slouch with the fruits either, taking just about half a minute to produce a smooth and frothy juice. The orange juice was particularly good and it takes just about nice seconds. Overall, the performance is very impressive indeed.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Most parts of the JE4 Cafe Series Commercial Style Juicer are dishwasher proof. However, a fast rinse straight after you are done with your juicing will take just a minute. Only the juicer blade or sieve requires significant effort and Breville has thoughtfully supplied a cleaning brush. Since the centrifugal basket is built of hard-wearing stainless steel, it is very easy to clean with a proper brush or in a dishwasher. The metal finish to the juicer for both exterior and parts means you do not get any ugly staining and the parts will last for years.

Instruction and Recipe Booklet:

A recipe and instruction booklet comes with the Breville JE4 juicers that gets you familiar with the machine and get you started right away. The recipe booklet includes some very innovative ideas on making use of the vegetable and fruit pulp that is separated by the juicer. The supplied instruction booklet is quite good, making it easy to be set up and use.


If you are concerned about juice with a budget in mind, the JE4 Juicer is a stunning piece of machine. It makes us realise that we are really in the 21st century with its very striking 1200W motor and its big feeding tube made of stainless steel into which, you can ecstatically tip whole veggies and fruits and just watch them turn swiftly into pure juice. This juicer is a reference model in the juicing world. Some extra touches like juice jugs integrated froth separator and the handle on the pulp collection bin sets this machine a step above the rest in its class.

The JE4 is best suited for households that do not have that extra time to spend on cutting and peeling. At above £200, it is not that really cheap but this professional style juicer constructed in dazzling stainless steel makes you enjoy juice to the max. The JE4 Cafe Series Commercial Style Juicer from Breville guarantees to transform your juicing experience.

Breville JE4 Commercial Style Juicer – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Breville
Model Name JE4 Cafe Series Commercial Style Juicer
Model Number JE4
Dimensions (H x W x D) 43 x 30 x 18 cm
Weight 6.4 Kg
Finishing Brushed Stainless steel
Base Heavy duty die cast metal base
Juicing method Centrifugal
Jug Capacity 1 litre
Motor Powerful commercial grade motor
Chute Patented extra large stainless steel feed chute
Speeds 2 speed electronic control
Pulp container Removable 2 litre capacity pulp container
Filter Stainless steel micro-mesh filter
Cable storage No
Safety lock Yes
Dishwasher safe parts Yes
Power 1200 watt
Warranty 1 year
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