High Sierra 1.5GPM High Efficiency Showerhead Review


High Sierra 1.5GPM High Efficiency Showerhead Review

Are you looking to save money on your utility bills every month? Do you also want to be able to conserve water without compromising the overall quality of your shower? With the High Sierra high efficiency showerhead, you’ll be able to accomplish both goals very quickly! Once installed, the showerhead saves families up to $50 per person, per year, on their utility bill. Priced at $34.95, it can pay for itself in just one year many times over!

The Features of the High Sierra Showerhead

The primary feature is the flow restrictor that is in place with this showerhead. Limited output to just 1.5 GPM, you’ll still get a fairly powerful shower experience with large drops. A spray guard helps to keep the water focused as well, letting you get the best stream possible for your shower ever day! You might also find these features to be beneficial:


  • a 5 year warranty helps to protect your investment, while your purchase is also protected with a 30 day guarantee;
  • the showerhead is a certified Green product because of its compact design, in addition to its water saving features; and
  • this showerhead can help you save up to 1,700 gallons of water per year.

The Advantages of the High Sierra Showerhead

The primary advantage we saw with this showerhead was its patented FCS nozzle. High Sierra is the only manufacturer who produces this strong spray, low flow combination for showerheads and best of all, even with hard water it doesn’t seem to clog. It’s small and compact, which makes it easy to clean too!

These other advantages might also be of benefit:

  • it is 100% made in the USA with guaranteed quality and parts;
  • it is made of solid metal, no plastic, and has a solid chrome finish to resist corrosion; and
  • it is incredibly easy to install, taking just a couple minutes to remove your old showerhead and to twist on the new one – it can even be tool free in some cases.

The primary disadvantage we saw when using this showerhead was the fact that it is so small. It will give you large drops of water and a great spray, considering the 1.5 GPM output, but the width of the spray is compact. If you like a full body showering experience, you’re probably not going to like this showerhead much.

If, however, you have a need to save some cash on your water bill every month or you’re looking to conserve water because of drought or you just want to be environmentally conscious, then this High Sierra high efficiency showerhead is a good choice for you. It feels like a real shower, provides you with an environmentally friendly design, and will help you accomplish your personal goals of conservation in a unique way.

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