Reebok B 5.7e Exercise Bike Review


Reebok B 5.7e Exercise Bike Review

The Reebok Performance Series B 5.7e Exercise Bike with a stable frame structure is the ultimate machine for fitness. It is the successor of the well known model B5.5e. It has a frame with special tubes that provides you maximum safety and confidence. The weight of this handy model is a mere 42kg, which can easily be transported to any place. It bears a maximum user weight of 150 kg. The Reebok Performance Series B 5.7e Upright exercise bike comes with a dimension of 100 x 55 x 148 cm (L x W x H).

Reebok_B57e_Exercise_Bike_2Main features:

M-Force EMS Direct Drive System – Optimal precision data can be obtained through this electromagnetic brake system that makes you train in an easy and precise way. It is controlled by the computer so that accuracy is well maintained. It also adjusts the resistance level (1 – 16).

Pulse Sensors – The smart hand pulse sensors provide an optimal exercise control to the user.  You can adjust the speed of the bike just by moving your hands over the sensors on the handle.

Computer with user profile memory –  9 user profiles are available.  Exercise data like speed, calories, heart rate, resistance, distance, time are clearly displayed with the provision of the blue back lit LCD display.

Belt transmission – The power transmission is through a specially designed Poly-V belt with the help of which workouts can be done noiselessly and also with optimal power transmission.

Floor level adjustment – It helps to fix the machine firmly on the floor even if it is an uneven or a highly polished one, and ensures utmost safety.

Transport wheel – The bike can be easily shifted to any room with the help of these wheels, which makes it a child’s play.

Exercise programs – Target programs are available for users i.e. 9 individual target programs, 2 heart rate programs and also 5 individually usable programs which help in achieving the training targets.

  • Time Target setting – Training period can be set and resistance level can be modified whenever needed.
  • Distance Target setting – Training distance is set through this program.
  • Calories Target setting – The number of calories to be burned can be set.
  • Random program – It sets various resistance levels randomly during the exercise.
  • Fat burning – For effective fat burning, it sets a long training duration at a low intensity.
  • Interval training – This gives you a transition between the stress phases with high intensity and relaxation phases with low intensity.
  • Endurance program – This program gives you a warm up then a gradual increase in the intensity and then slows down.  This suits well for both endurance and fat burning.
  • Individual user programs – Up to 5 personal exercise programs can be composed using this.
  • Target pulse program – When you set the target pulse rate for exercise, the machine adjusts the resistance accordingly.
  • Target zone program – Here you have options for fitness, fat burning, body shaping, health and performance. By selecting the required zone you can exercise with a percentage of 65, 75 or 85 of your heart rate calculated by the computer as per the data you have given.
  • 30 minutes interval program – 3 preset intensities (L1 – L3) are available and can be selected according to your wish.  The intervals are set with different watts and will switch over in between stress and relaxation phases, making your exercising enjoyable.
  • 45 min Cardio Workout program – This program also has 3 levels which make you maintain your fitness without stressing your cardiovascular system.  It has a short warm up phase followed by the main phase and relaxing cool down exercises.


Adjustable seat – This model provides an adjustable seat which is ergonomically designed. The seat can be adjusted both, vertically or horizontally for comfortable use.

Performance handle bar – It can be adjusted according to the position of the body during exercise, continuously.

You can quench your thirst during exercise without getting down the bike, as this model has a bottle holder at your grasp.

Pedals with strap – These provide a comfortable, safe and anti-slip facility with the direct power transmission advantage

The optional chest transmitter with the wireless receiver gives you the heart rate, by the way of ECG on the display.

Easy Fold System – The bike can be easily folded so that the user can save a lot of space when compared to the other models.

Swing Arm Suspension – Stress to the joints and tendons are avoided through this facility, as the swing arm suspension gets you through the double impact shocks.


The manufacturer has given Reebok Performance Series B 5.7e Domestic exercise bike a warranty period of 2 years for both the parts as well as labour.

Reebok B 5.7e upright Exercise Bike – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Reebok
Model Name Performance Series B 5.7e Exercise Bike
Type Upright
Transmission Poly-V belt transmission
Dimensions (L x W x H) 100 x 55 x 148 cm
Flywheel Weight 10 kg
User weight 150 kg
Product specifics M-Force EMS / Electronic adjustment
Transport wheels
Floor level adjustment
Blue Back Lit LCD Display
9 User Memory
12+5 personal Programs
Adjustable seat
Smart pulse sensor
Wireless receiver
Chest transmitter
Adjustable handle bars
Added specifics HRC, water bottle provision, hand pulse sensors
Main functions Speed, Time, Distance, Calories, RPM, Watt, Random,
Endurance, Interval, Fat Burn, Heart Rate Control
Warranty 2 years for parts and the labour
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