Sky: Children of the Light codes (Update)

Sky: Children of the Light codes (Update)

Are you ready to embark on a breathtaking journey through the enchanting world of Sky: Children of the Light? If you haven’t already acquired the latest access codes, now is the time to act swiftly. The world of Sky awaits, and you won’t want to miss out on this captivating adventure. The supply of gift codes for Sky: Children of the Light is limited, so seize the opportunity to immerse yourself in this extraordinary gaming experience today.

Summary of codes games Sky: Children of the Light

  • 1c922f87c1
  • 2f2be231f0
  • 27fef383d7
  • 8b3070101
  • 2a6a24fad3
  • 1a58d67581
  • 10d9bcfa3e

Event codes Sky: Children of the Light

  • 174edbe15f
  • 18bbf884ac
  • 2c9a0dc0c7
  • d61e04eb8
  • 26d30394b5
  • 1ca1329305
  • 195ddf5d3b

A limited number of Sky: Children of the Light codes

  • 2e32a60f8c
  • 5a5492b3
  • b70e1f73
  • 2cda700c8a
  • 198b171da7
  • 61e1a820
  • 26d13fca2a

How to get new Sky: Children of the Light game codes

Sky: Children of the Light is an enchanting role-playing and puzzle game crafted by thatgamecompany, offering a captivating gaming experience. To enhance your adventure and unlock exclusive content, follow these steps to obtain new game codes.

Step 1: Navigate to the Official Sky: Children of the Light Website
Begin your quest for new game codes by visiting the official Sky: Children of the Light website. This is your gateway to a world filled with hidden treasures and exciting discoveries.

Step 2: Access the Codes Input Section
Once on the website, seek out the dedicated “Codes Input” section. This portal holds the key to unlocking a wealth of in-game wonders. Prepare to embark on a journey like no other.

Step 3: Enter the Secret Code
With the codes input section open, it’s time to work your magic. Enter the secret Sky: Children of the Light code you’ve acquired, and watch as the game world transforms before your eyes. Be prepared to be awed and delighted.

About Sky: Children of the Light

Thatgamecompany, based in California, USA, is renowned for creating two immensely popular PC games, Journey and Flower. While these titles have found their way to various operating systems, they remained inaccessible on mobile platforms. However, Thatgamecompany broke the mold with Sky: Children of the Light, their first release for Android and iOS, and it’s completely free.

The Enchanting Tale

Sky: Children of the Light beckons newcomers into a vibrant fantasy realm, promising an awe-inspiring journey through its breathtaking landscapes. From the moment you step into this game, a mesmerizing paradise unfolds before your eyes, extending an invitation to explore its depths. As one of the children of the Sky world, your purpose is to rekindle hope within the kingdom by embarking on a quest to locate the lost constellations.

The kingdom of the sky is intrinsically tied to the starry heavens, where the light children are born. Your mission is to seek out ancestral souls and guide them back to their rightful place in the constellations. As you traverse through meadows, sand dunes, and even the darker corners of the kingdom, like the charcoal kilns or the ancient bell tower, you’ll discover these lost souls and shoulder the weight of your sacred mission.

Gameplay in Sky: Children of the Light offers a high degree of freedom and eschews conventional patterns. It may not be overly complicated, but it’s challenging to explain. However, you need not fret, for the game provides comprehensive instructions to help you seamlessly adapt and become proficient.

Soar and Explore

Sky: Children of the Light, as mentioned earlier, is a captivating puzzle adventure that excels in every aspect. Following the success of Journey (2013) and Flower, the developer has once again crafted a masterpiece that has swiftly captured the attention of gamers worldwide.

While embarking on adventures in the forsaken kingdom, you’ll encounter enigmatic puzzles that await your intellect to unravel. Pay close attention to every detail within the game, as even the minutest elements can hold the key to the mysteries you’ll encounter.

Team Up for Epic Adventures

One of the standout features of Sky: Children of the Light is its ability to connect players from around the globe. Exploring alongside friends and discovering intriguing secrets together is an experience unlike any other. You can also share your achievements with like-minded adventurers. Furthermore, you have the freedom to customize your character according to your preferences before setting out on your enthralling journey.

The expansive fantasy world immerses you in a wonderland of unparalleled beauty. Sky: Children of the Light boasts numerous stunning locations, including breathtaking winter landscapes. Accompanied by captivating visual effects and an enchanting soundscape, your adventures become all the more exhilarating.

Graphics That Mesmerize

The graphics of Sky: Children of the Light are a primary draw for millions of players eagerly awaiting its release. Character customization options cater to the creativity of players, while the meticulously designed environments exhibit the developer’s dedication. This commitment to exceptional visuals extends across all of Thatgamecompany’s titles. The lively soundtrack further immerses you in the adventure, enhancing the enjoyment of solving intricate puzzles to fulfill your mission.

MOD APK Version of Sky: Children of the Light

MOD Features:

  • Unlocked Maps
  • Unlocked Skins
  • Unlimited Wing Energy
  • God Mode


Sky: Children of the Light stands as a testament to the brilliance of Thatgamecompany, offering an unparalleled puzzle adventure experience. It excels in every aspect, from its compelling narrative to its stunning graphics and innovative features. Although the game has not yet officially launched, stay tuned to APKMODY for the latest updates. We will provide the APK file once it becomes available for download.

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