Swan SF11050N 5 Litre Glass Slow Cooker Review


Swan SF11050N 5 Litre Glass Slow Cooker Review

Nothing has been replicated as well as a slow cooker to reproduce the same warmth and beauty of a kitchen appliance. These appliances have been able to put together steaming and slow cooking that help to save a lot of space in the kitchen and take less out of the piggy bank.

With the help of this slow cooker user is able to perform various cooking processes. The base is the technical that needs to be securely fastened for the safety of the user and needs a basket to accommodate the food that needs to be cooked. With the help of Swan SF11050N Glass 5L Slow Cooker with a lavish cooking pot the user can effortlessly use it. It is equipped to handle different types of cooking and is definitely a chef’s delight.

swan-sf11050n-5-litre-glass-slow-cookerThe Basics:

Swan had thoughtfully given a touch of professionalism and has added attraction to Swan SF11050N Compact Slow Cooker with the glass pot and the lid. The base has a brushed steel finish that is an elegant statement. In the round shape it is greatly accommodates the large pieces and in huge quantity as well. The overall weight is mere 4 kg which very simple to carry around.


The round shaped basket offers the total volume of 5 litres of which 3.3 litres is the usable volume. This capacity ease the various styles of cooking like tendering the foods, cooking recipes that cheers up taste bud, making of soups, roasting chicken, making stews and much more.

Heat Setting:

Settings in this model which sets the cooking heat in three different levels of high, low and auto. The high or low heat can be chosen based on the type, quantity and  cooking speed. The auto cooking is rather the interesting way to set this slow cooker to function. It cooks in the own pace and the longer time of steaming helps the food to retain all the nutrients present in the food and hence makes it healthier. By sensing the moisture level the cooking programme gets set automatically and so is the heat selection and it is one way to get optimised cooking results without making it over or under cooked.

General Features:

  • Usable volume 3.3 litres is the maximum volume of liquid that the cooking pot can accommodate and with this volume is serves to handle the cooking of mid sized family.
  • Dishwasher safe is applicable for the pot and lid associated with this appliance and therefore it makes maintenance simple.
  • Cool touch body keeps you going without the fear of burning the hands and it can be fearlessly handled during the programme or just after the completion of the programme.
  • The lid is made of toughened glass that fits perfectly to the base without letting out the steam. It has a steel rim and the knob at the centre of it is a cool touch one and gives a nice grip of hold. It also has a small vent that lets the extra steam to escape.

Cord length is lavish with 93cm that permits to take around the kitchen top as convenience.


Swan SF11050N Round Slow Cooker does not have digital controls and with the rotary control the operations are manual. It has a turning knob that turns around to select the programme with the desired heat settings.


The 2 years guarantee programme offered by the manufacturer is thoughtfully designed and it is appealing to the heart making this model definitely worth every pound.

Swan SF11050N Glass Slow Cooker – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Swan
Model Name SF11050N Glass 5L Slow Cooker
Colours/Finish Glass with steel base
Type Compact
Weight 4 kg
Shape Round
Capacity 5.0 litres
Number of Heat Settings 3 – low, high and auto
Controls Mechanical
Product Features Usable volume 3.3 litres
Dishwasher safe pot and lid
Cool touch body
Toughened glass lid
lengthy Cord length
Cord length 93 cm
Guarantee 2 years
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