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Timex T5G941 Heart Monitor Watch Review

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There are some heart rate monitors that have all of the features in the world and are as complicated as any laptop computer, while there are others that do just one thing and that is read your heart rate. The Timex T5G941 Heart Monitor Watch falls somewhere in the middle, being a relatively simple and affordable option but also having some features that you wouldn’t find on a heart rate monitor just a few years ago. So, if you are just starting out with heart rate monitoring, then you might find this to be just the right model for you.

What Is the Timex T5G941 Heart Monitor Watch?

timex-t5g941-heart-monitor-watchThis is a heart rate monitor watch with chest strap that transmits EKG data to the watch. The battery can be replaced by the user which is a huge plus, and it even has a 30 meter water resistance rating. This is a great heart rate monitor for entry level people, but also for people who are looking for a wristwatch that has a large, easy to read face and Indiglo backlighting.

How Does It Work?

The Timex T5G941 Heart Monitor Watch is designed for people who have a chest anywhere from 25” to 53” and has been made to be both comfortable and reliable. The watch is able of tracking all of your EKG activity, and has an automatic timer, too. It functions much like any normal digital watch in that you can choose to look at your time by using either the 12 hour or 24 hour clock and it displays month and date, too.

One feature that you will find on the Timex T5G941 Heart Monitor Watch that you won’t find on most entry level heart rate monitors is this device’s ability to recall activity time and averages, and give you your average, peak, and minimum heart rate during workout. This is a true test of your heart health and is information that you will want to have.

What Are People Saying About the Timex T5G941 Heart Monitor Watch?

The reviews for this heart rate monitor are generally written by people who are either just starting out with heart rate monitoring or they were looking for something that was genuinely simple to use. They seem to be very happy with their choice.

“As a heart rate monitor, the functionality is pleasantly simple. It is a nice gadget that will help you exercise more.”
–       Don, Amazon.com

“This seems to work perfectly. It has been consistent all the time and the directions are easy to read and understand.”
–       William, Amazon.com

Where Should You Buy It?

Because the Timex T5G941 Heart Monitor Watch is one of the most popular on the market today, you really shouldn’t have much of a hard time finding it in a sporting goods store. On the other hand, you will still want to save money on this purchase and that is why buying it online is a good idea. This heart rate monitor and watch retail for $50, but when you buy it online, you can get it for less than $35.

Is This the Right Product For You?

The Timex T5G941 Heart Monitor Watch is probably not the right heart rate monitor for elite athletes or for people who are interested in long-term tracking of their data, but if you are looking for simple heart rate information in a proven product at a very good price, then you won’t find anything better than this model. It is easy to use, the watch is very clear and easy to view in all lights, and you will get accurate information every time.

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