10 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need Hearing Protection


10 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need Hearing Protection

Hearing protection devices serve the crucial purpose of either completely blocking out loud noises or reducing their impact significantly. This is vital because exposure to sounds exceeding 65 decibels for extended periods can result in temporary hearing impairment and tinnitus, while sounds surpassing 100 decibels may lead to permanent deafness.

To safeguard your hearing, it’s imperative to utilize appropriate hearing protection devices whenever you find yourself in noisy environments. Among the most commonly used options are earmuffs and earplugs, both of which offer effective and convenient solutions.

Outlined below are ten compelling reasons emphasizing the importance of prioritizing your hearing health and utilizing hearing protection devices when necessary.

To Prevent Hearing Loss

As we said earlier, sounds of 100 decibels and above can lead to hearing loss, and once you lose your hearing, it is most likely permanently gone.

Hearing protection devices are extremely important if you work in places where the sound is just too loud or participate in very loud activities to prevent hearing loss.

Power saws, the clap of thunder, rock concerts, gunshots, jet planes taking off, fireworks, car racing, and rocket launches are just some examples of sounds that are above 100 decibels and could damage your ears if you’re exposed to them for a long period of time.


To Prevent Hearing Problems

While the chances of you losing your hearing are high when you’re around sounds of 100 decibels and above, you’re also exposed to hearing problems if you stay in areas with sounds above 85 decibels.

These sounds might not damage your ears immediately, but they can lead to hearing problems, such as temporary hearing loss and tinnitus. You should ensure you have ear defenders or earplugs handy whenever you’re in an extremely noisy environment.

To Provide Comfort

Loud noises can definitely be uncomfortable or annoying, like partners who snore. While the sound of someone snoring continuously might not make you go deaf, it could make things pretty uncomfortable for you and can definitely affect the quality of your sleep.

Hearing protection devices can make you more comfortable by making sounds that affect your sleep less audible. Some hearing protection devices can block unnecessary noise and still let you hear the sound of your alarm clock in the morning.

To Provide Balance

Ears don’t only help you to hear. They also provide balance by telling your body where it is in relation to gravity and the Earth).

If this balance is disrupted, you might experience vertigo – the sensation that your environment is spinning – or become unbalanced, which could have a negative effect on your everyday life.

This kind of damage could occur if you’re exposed to loud noises for a prolonged period of time, which is why it is important for you to wear hearing protection devices when you’re in noisy areas.

To Keep You Concentrated

There is a reason why most libraries are no-talking zones. Noise can be distracting and can negatively impact your effectiveness at completing the task you’ve set out to accomplish.

Hearing protection devices don’t only protect your hearing, but they can help with concentration by blocking out loud, potentially disturbing or disrupting sounds.

To Save Money

Using hearing protection devices can actually help you to save money in the long run. As we grow older, our bodies gradually become less reliable.

However, if you take great care of your body in your younger years, you’re less likely to have problems when you’re older, including hearing problems, which are quite common among the elderly.

Protecting your ears should be a top priority if you hope to spend less time and less money on audiologists (and possibly hearing aids, if things get really bad) throughout your life.

For Concerts

If you love live music, especially rock concerts, then you definitely need to have a hearing protection device.

Rock concerts are usually very loud and while you would want to rock the night away, you might also want to prepare for the ear ringing and temporary hearing loss that often comes afterward.

To prevent this, you can take a pair of earplugs or earmuffs to the concert to protect your ears from the loud noise blasting from the speakers. It might not look very cool at the time, but it could save your hearing from permanent damage in the long run.

If you’re Part of a Gun Club

Shooting ranges usually require shooters to wear earmuffs while practicing. The sound of a gunshot is way above 100 decibels, which could be deafening, so wearing a hearing protection device is extremely important.

Always wear a hearing protection device when you’re handling a gun, or whenever you’re at a shooting range.


To Operate Home Appliances

Home appliances like lawnmowers can reach dangerously high decibel levels, although most are way below 100 decibels.

While quieter home appliances may not pose any immediate harm to your hearing, prolonged exposure could lead to temporary hearing loss and other hearing problems over time.

When using any noisy home appliance, make sure your ears are safe by wearing a hearing protection device.

Hearing Protection on a Farm

It’s practically a given that you’ll be using mechanized farm tools whenever you’re on the farm. Most of these mechanized tools, especially tractors and other heavy machinery, can make really loud noises that would damage your hearing sooner or later, so wearing hearing protection devices like earmuffs or earplugs is the best thing to do.


It is important that you always wear hearing protection devices whenever you’re in a loud environment.  If you work in a factory or airport where the noise levels are usually high, you should always wear one that can give you a protection of up to 100 decibels.

This is because airplanes and factories make some of the loudest noises today, and this could be deafening, especially if you’re exposed to these noises for a prolonged period of time.

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