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Heart Rate Monitor

Suunto M5 Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review

The Suunto M5 is a versatile heart rate monitor watch which allows you to input your personal data and fitness goals. The device then works out weekly personalized exercise programs for you. The watch displays information such as speed, distance and calories burnt for a wide range of sports. The Suunto M5 is a good choice of a heart rate […]

Heart Rate Monitor

Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review

With all the recent advances in technology, heart rate monitor training watches have certainly come a long way. Gone are the basic models of just a few years ago, as high performance models, like the Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor Watch are becoming more the norm. Polar has become known for offering very high quality training devices […]

Heart Rate Monitor

Timex Personal Trainer Heart Rate Monitor Review

Maintaining a healthy body through exercising is not a difficult task. However, it does require one to have patience, effort and even this amazing Timex Personal Trainer Heart Rate Monitor (Timex T5G971). This will be your partner in tracking the progress of your exercise. With its easy to use functions and comfortable strap, working out […]

Heart Rate Monitor

Polar RS100 HRM and Stopwatch Review

The fitness bandwagon is now embraced by millions all over the world, both young and old that’s why fitness equipments such as the Polar RS100 HRM and Stopwatch have become popular among health buffs. Fitness enthusiasts enlist themselves with exercise regimens to keep them fit and healthy. Most of these workouts test one’s endurance, depending […]

Heart Rate Monitor

Polar FT60 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review

The Polar FT60 Womens Heart Rate Monitor Watch, with its very appealing features, is the ultimate indispensible tool that answers your every need in achieving maximum fitness levels. Those who embrace the concept of proper body conditioning develop a character filled with possibilities of seeing and feeling results in their lives, and that is — […]

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