Bernina aurora 440 QE Sewing Machine Review


Bernina aurora 440 QE Sewing Machine Review

The Bernina 440 QE sewing and embroidery machine is highly innovative.

And because it comes from Bernina, one of the leading sewing brands in the world, you know that it’s dependable and very durable.

The Bernina Aurora 440 QE is equipped with a stitch regulator, which provides the capability of the machine to regulate the dimensions of the stitches on its own. This way, you can have free-motion stitching.

Bernina Aurora 440 QE Review

There is an extensive stitch library: there are more than 300 stitches available, made up of decorative and practical stitches.
It’s also equipped with an LCD screen and an excellent editing function, so you can conveniently change the fonts, styles of stitches, and the patterns of your embroidery projects.

Advantages Of Bernina 440 QE


1. It comes with a CB hook system.

This allows the Bernina 440 sewing machine to immediately create strong stitches for your projects. You don’t have to worry about having loose stitches.

2. Your sewing machine has the ability to remember your alterations.

This is one of the many aspects that you will learn to love with your Bernina Aurora 440. With this you can safely change the dimensions of your stitches, even the position of the needles, and allow the machine to remember every modification you made. However, keep in mind that once you turn off the sewing equipment all data will be completely lost.

3. The machine is highly ergonomic.

The control panel is intuitive and bright. There are also 3 thread cutters in the sewing equipment. Moreover, there are built-in lights in the sewing machine. All of them help in making sure that you will have better sewing or embroidery experience with Bernina 440.

4. It has one of the most amazing software kits.

This embroidery equipment comes with an Editor Lite software, which gives you the capability to not only see but modify the designs for your embroidery project right at your own PC.

5. The manual is simply amazing.

There are some sewing machine manuals that are either too difficult to follow or hard to read. Those of Bernina are simply the opposite. You will have a step-by-step guide on how to operate this machine.

Disadvantages Of Bernina 440 QE

1. It doesn’t come cheap.

If you’re thinking of buying this one, then you should be ready to spend as much as $3,500 for one unit. It is definitely a hefty price, and unless you are assured of its quality and trust the features, you should seriously consider other similar but cheaper options in the market.

2. With a lot of features, it can become too much to handle.

It wouldn’t be surprising to hear of people who are struggling getting to know their Bernina 440 QE embroidery machine. It’s because there are just so many functions that you should learn how to use. If you’re a newbie, you may find this machine a difficult to deal with. Unless you have the patience, you should stick to simpler embroidery equipment for a while.

Consumer Reviews

I don’t think I can love any other machine. This is simply the most amazing thing I ever have. Embroidery has never been this easy. I can combine different stitches and designs, and even save them in my PC so I can study them later. I also love the alteration memory mechanism. I can check if I’m doing the right thing or not.-Isabel

Bernina has definitely done it again. It took me a while to really appreciate the Bernina Aurora 440 sewing machine, and it’s because I haven’t tried anything else. But once I got past through the frustration and conquering the learning curve, I have been embroidering almost anything ever since.-Cathy

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