Brother CS 6000 Sewing Machine Review


Brother CS 6000 Sewing Machine Review

The Brother CS 6000 sewing machine can amaze you with the many features it offers.

First of all, the Brother 6000 model is computerized, which is good for those who are in garment mass production. It can cut down the time you spend in adjusting the length and width of stitches, even feeding the thread into the needle.

Second, it has a lot of stitches to choose from, and you can produce numerous stitching functions.

Third, it is not only meant for sewing, but also for embroidery and quilting.

Brother CS 6000 Sewing Machine Overview

brother-cs-6000-sewing-machineThe Brother CS 6000 sewing machine is equipped with programmable and electronic speed controls. This helps especially when you work on denims, wool, leather, and other delicate or hard-to-work-on fabrics and may need to customize the speed of your controls.

This way, you can add the much-needed power to your fabric. It’s also very easy to do this with the Brother CS6000i model because the controls and settings are not only electronic but also can also be programmed.

The length and width of the stitches can be customized since some patterns require to have wider stitches, while others finer.

Regardless of what sewing project you’re working on right now, it’s essential that you have full control when it comes to your stitches. You can input the corresponding length and width of the stitch into CS6000i.

You can also control the tension of the fabric. Coming up with perfect finishes means no creases and loose stitches. The best part to control therefore is the tension.

CS6000i gives you full freedom to monitor and customize the tension assembly of the sewing machine, depending on the fabric that you’re using and the design that you’re working on.

Advantages Of Brother CS 6000 Sewing Machine

1. It’s lightweight.

The Brother CS 6000 is not actually a toy sewing machine, which lacks a number of sewing functions. Nevertheless, it’s still remains lightweight, which makes it so easy for you to move it from one corner of your home to another.

If you want, you can even tag this along with you when you attend a sewing workshop. You also don’t have any problem looking for possible storage compartment, since it’s just small. If not, you can conveniently place it on top of any table.

2. It’s simple to use.

The Brother CS6000i sewing machine is equipped with programmable buttons, which you only need to press if you want to get something done.

3. It’s affordable

Despite the many features that you can find in Brother CS6000i, you will discover that it’s very affordable. You can even get one below $200. What’s more, it’s loaded with all accessories you can possibly think of, especially presser feet. You don’t need to purchase them one by one.

4. It works with almost any type of sewing project.

Whether you’re dealing with quilts or embroideries, you can always count on CS6000i. It has a large working space connected to it so you can work on big fabrics.

Disadvantages Of Brother CS 6000 Sewing Machine

1. You may experience some bobbin problems.

A number of consumers are sometimes having trouble with the bobbins since they tend to get jammed. Nevertheless, you may want to check your manual. Perhaps you have done something wrong along the way.

2. The cover doesn’t get attached to the machine.

If you’re thinking of traveling, you may want to consider purchasing another cover. This is since the hard cover that goes with the sewing machine upon purchase doesn’t really have any clip on it.

Consumer Reviews

I have been taking sewing classes for my future home-based business, and I definitely love this machine to bits. It’s easy for me to carry, especially in class. I can also easily practice my lessons as I only get to use one equipment all the time.-Marnie

My wife decided to bring the Brother CS 6000 on our trip to Utah, and she was quite disappointed to discover that the cover has actually fallen off from the sewing machine. Well, it’s probably our fault. We should have bought another one, but I guess Brother should also look into this too. It somehow weakens its advantage, which is portability. I’m just glad that it is one mean machine once you start to sew.-Brad

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