Brother XR7700 Sewing Machine Review


Brother XR7700 Sewing Machine Review

Don’t underestimate the size of the Brother XR7700 sewing machine. Despite being small, it’s loaded with a lot of interesting and useful features. If you’re looking for a fun and easy-to-use sewing equipment, this is definitely going to be it.

The Brother XR7700 computerized sewing machine offers a lot to even an average sewer. It allows you to be creative and there are many decorative stitches that you can choose from.

Brother XR7700 Sewing Machine Overview

brother-xr7700-sewing-machineThe XR7700 can be used in different ways, such as embroidery, quilting, and even embellishment. It has more than 50 pre-programmed stitches, allowing you to perform almost 100 different types of stitching functions. A purchase of Brother XR7700 sewing machine will also give you free bonus feet, ranging from quilting foot to walking foot.

The LCD screen is touch-screen, so you can conveniently choose the stitch and design that you want to use for your sewing project. Other controls include the built-in thread cutter, automatic needle threading mechanism, automatic winding of bobbing, and one-touch reverse stitch function. You can also use the drop feed for better control on your quilting task.

There’s also a flatbed sewing surface, so you can have enough space to work on your fabric. Moreover, accessories are included in the package: button sewing, zipper insertion, and darning, to name a few.

Advantages Of Brother XR7700 Sewing Machine

1. It’s portable and lightweight.

This ultra-powerful sewing equipment only weighs less than 11 pounds. Hence, you can bring this anywhere with you, such as in your sewing classes and workshops. You can even allow your teenage kids to make use of it for their own hobby and craft.

Lastly, you would not have any problem storing this one. A small cabinet will do. If there is no more free space, you can just place this on top of any sturdy surface, perhaps a desk or a cabinet.

2. You can easily wind the bobbin and thread the needle.

These are two of the easiest but hard-to-accomplish jobs in a sewing equipment. It will take you a while before you can wind the bobbin or place the thread into the needle.

The Brother XR7700 sewing machine, however, makes these so much convenient for you. With simple press of the button, you can already wind the bobbin and insert the thread into the needle. Within a minute, you can already begin your work.

3. You can have more control on the tension of the threads.

You can prevent any loose stitch or creases in your fabric with this one. The automatic thread tension assembly of the XR7700 computerized sewing machine is simply superb.


Disadvantages Of Brother XR7700

1. It cannot handle thick layers.

An important issue that you can have on this sewing machine is that it may not be able to handle thick layers of fabrics. Hence, if you’re thinking of creating something out of wool, leather, or denim, you may expect the speed of the sewing equipment to slow down. You may even be breaking needles a lot of times.

2. You may spend some time understanding its features.

The manual may not be as comprehensive as other sewing machines, so you may like to spend a good amount of time getting to know the equipment a little better before you start sewing.

You can find the manual at the¬†Brother site¬†after you select your region…

Consumer Reviews

I truly love this sewing machine. This is the first one I bought in my entire life, and I’m having one using it. The decorative stitches are just what I definitely need. It’s just so cool.-MichelleAs a budding sewer, the Brother XR7700 sewing machine is definitely a great buy for me. The machine works great, and a purchase comes with a lot of accessories. I also love the flatbed surface, which I can convert to free arm whenever I want to.-Joe

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