Collagen NuBest Review: Here is What Happened


Collagen NuBest Review: Here is What Happened

When it comes to supplements for skin, joints, and overall health, you have likely heard the term “collagen.” But it is hard to get past some technical languages, especially if you are a newbie to the collagen supplement industry.

I also had the same issues. I was curious to see if taking collagen might make any difference in my hair, skin, and nails as the others claim. But I was convinced and wrote this Collagen NuBest review to share what I got from this stuff. Hopefully, my own experience can help you make the right decision.

Why I picked Collagen NuBest

collagen-nubestWhat separates Collagen NuBest from other supplements and what made me pick it for the first time is its unique formula. It features only one ingredient, Collagen Hydrolysate. That is a good thing for those who are new like me.

Collagen hydrolysate, also known as hydrolyzed collagen or collagen peptide, is a kind of collagen that can be absorbed into the bloodstream with ease. Since it is made from bovine sources, it typically contains more Type I and Type III. Both types are found together in the skin, meaning that supplementing bovine collagen might help lower wrinkles, enhance elasticity, and boost skin moisture.

Another reason is that this collagen is manufactured by the NuBest brand. This is a well-known supplement company that offers a wide range of products for health and beauty. All are based on using natural sources and applying innovative formulas to give the best benefits. Moreover, their products are manufactured and granted by prestigious facilities, including GMP, HACCP, and FDA.

Last but not least, it offers a money-back guarantee for those who have any unpleasant experiences. But the good thing is, I have not had any bad experiences since I started using it.


So what I noticed is…

To be honest, I was curious about how long Collagen NuBest takes to work at first. Some said I might see good improvements after about two short weeks, but some claim it might last longer. I stuck with three capsules every day as recommended, and each contains 500 mg of collagen hydrolysate.

Here is what happened.

My hair

Until I started using the second bottle, I did recognize some improvements. First, let’s talk about my hair. It grew in length faster and felt fuller than before. This was a welcoming change and something I wanted because I lost a bunch of hair after my babies were born.

My nails

The next change was my nails. I recognized that they were stronger and thicker, and importantly growing faster. Previously, my nails easily broke and tore off after they grew, but since I regularly take my collagen, they were truly growing quicker and nicer than normal. The interesting thing is, I now get a gel manicure that I always wish for.

My skin

I felt like my skin looked a bit lighter and firmer. Although I still struggle with dry patches, I felt like my cheeks started becoming a little pinker. For wrinkles on my forehead, they started disappearing, yet not much.

NuBest Collagen Tablets

My joints

From what I read from the website, this product might maintain strong bones and joints. However, the change was not very clear. Yes, my knees still had their soreness a couple of times a week. I tried searching and found that the main ingredient of Collagen NuBest does not include much Collagen Type II. That is why it does not support bone health much.

No side effects

Since this supplement is made from bovine sources, if you are allergic to beef, you should be careful. And as always, if you have any concerns about taking collagen or are pregnant or nurturing, you need to consult your physician.

For me, I got no side effects from the first day. I regularly take every capsule after having a nutritious meal for about 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Try taking Collagen NuBest with vitamin C to boost the effect

When I discovered adding vitamin C might increase the effect, I tried. And the result was amazing.

As mentioned above, some wrinkles on my forehead have gradually faded. But taking vitamin C with Collagen NuBest seems to speed up this process. It helps in reducing wrinkles pretty good. Besides, the starting lines of crow’s feet around my eyes started fading away.

The next improvement is all about my joints and bones. Before adding vitamin C, I thought I always needed to go and get a massage. But then, I truly do feel the aches related to regular exercises seem to be less painful. Overall, it starts helping alleviate pain in mine.

How to add vitamin C to the diet?

For me, you should eat foods that are rich in vitamin C. And citrus fruits are the best choice, with lemon and grapefruit being some of the best for the skin. Also, you can eat raspberries since this kind of fruit has a large amount of vitamin C. In case you want to control sugar intake, I highly recommend bell peppers. They are as high in vitamin C yet have lower sugar content.


Where you should buy it

The good thing is you can purchase Collagen NuBest anywhere because this is a non-prescription supplement. However, the best place is on its official website –

The first reason is that I always get the authentic product with the newest expiration date. It also ensures a money-back guarantee if I experience any unpleasant things. And the best thing is that it always offers affordable prices. And if this is the first time you visit this website, you will receive a cool discount – 15% OFF for the first order.


A quick recap

I have received good experiences from using Collagen NuBest. But remember that you need to take time to see some improvements. Patience is the key when it comes to using any dietary supplements. Besides, do not forget to add vitamin C to promote the effects. If you ask whether I plan to use it in future, the answer is YES. That is because supplementing collagen is quite important, especially when we are older.

Generally speaking, all thoughts and opinions above are my own. And if you are interested in what I discussed, give it a try.

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