Homelegance 9723-3 Double Reclining 2-Seater Sofa Review


Homelegance 9723-3 Double Reclining 2-Seater Sofa Review

While modern recliner chair is widely available, some people will only need the comfort of seating without any additional features regardless of how useful they can be. What they need is simplicity but without compromising comfort value. If a comfortable recliner without unwanted frills is what you need, be sure to check the Homelegance 9723-3 Double Reclining 2-Seater Sofa.

Main Features


The first thing you will notice from the chair is the big size. It is a 2-seater sofa with arm rests and upholstered backs, so it is a bit over-sized in fact. It measures at 87-inch W x 41-inch D x 39-inch H. Due to its large dimension, the chair comes in two boxes and requires minor assembly. The seats are pre-assembled, so you only have to attach the backrests. With two boxes, you can get the chair through the door easily. Even better, the backs simply slide onto a metal extension. It is an easy procedure for anyone.

Homelegance 9723-3 is a wall-saver recliner. It is the most widely manufactured type and most popular choice. This type allows you to put the chair close to the wall, yet it still reclines. Wall-saver recliner is ideal for a small room as you will be able to fit all other furniture pieces without bringing too much clutter.

The reclining mechanism uses a lever, so there is no need to push the backrest backwards with your back. The frame is made of metal, making it a durable chair. It is covered in dark brown textured plush microfiber for better comfort. When in fully-reclined position, it looks more like a bed than a couch.


Customer Reviews

The best thing customers like about the couch is the size of it. Unlike loveseat for two people, it is a full-size couch that accommodates up to four people comfortably. The springs are stiff, which means you can expect it to be durable as well. When in fully-reclined position, the chair only extends about one or two inch backwards. For those who favor wall-saver recliner to fit in a modest room, Homelegance 9723-3 delivers the comfort and space-saving design too.

There isn’t any major drawback, but the chair will make it a bit difficult for you to get off despite the stiff springs. Read more customer reviews here.


Where to Buy

Homelegance 9723-3 Double Reclining 2-Seater Sofa is available in major online stores and in conventional brick-and-mortar stores. Tt is also available in Amazon. The site even offers some buying options including free shipping. Check for the latest buying options and price at Amazon.

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