Human Touch HT-5040 Massage Chair Review


Human Touch HT-5040 Massage Chair Review

Getting a huge massage chair can be aesthetically unpleasing in your home or living quarters. A bulky chair dedicated only to massages is not only cumbersome in some small spaces, but also quite aggravating to navigate around for guests or others that might visit. If you want to find a chair for your apartment that looks good and can be used as something other than a massage chair, then the HT-5040 is for you. This great product from the renowned HumanTouch range offers you the ability to use it as you want for massages and then for regular seating when that is required. In the following article, we will offer a full breakdown of the features to help you decide whether it is the right chair for you and your needs.


humantouch-ht-5040-massage-chairOne feature that is most commonly overlooked with the HT-5040 is the weight. Compared to many other massage chairs that do not have all that many more features, the HT-5040 is about half of the weight. No longer do you have to carry such a heavy and cumbersome looking chair in your home with this model, you can relax knowing that it isn’t a behemoth in your home.

From an actual massage chair perspective, there are also plenty of features with the HT-5040. There are many pre-designated programs for the HT-5040 that allow you to enjoy a culmination of massages. The sequences mimic some of the best movements that professionals use in order to make your back and other parts of your body feel much better, such as the shiatsu technique and cupping massage.

Also, the HT-5040 has a recliner feature like many of the other massage chairs, but it does not become too big or bulky when doing so. Many of the other massage chairs are so large that it becomes cumbersome to lean back as much as you would like and indeed impossible without significant space behind the chair, though this is not a concern of this model as it needs just a few inches space to work in.

Best of all, there are technological presets that allow users to focus on specific parts of the body. No longer do you have to worry about getting a massage around areas of your body that you do not need them. Now, you can easily get the massage that you want in exactly the right spot and adjust the intensity of the massage to individual areas of your body.


As if the features were not enough, the costs of the HT-5040 massage chair are relatively low compared to many of the other chairs that are currently on the market. For a fraction of the price of the best chairs, this has only a few less features and still can give you a tremendous massage the likes of which you may have never experienced before. The HT doesn’t lack in engineering either and is one of the most high tech units around.


It is also good to consider the value of having a smaller chair that one can use as an actual chair to sit in when the massage feature is not in use. Rather than buying so many chairs for your office or your living room, you can have this single chair that will give you all of the massage therapy that you need at a fairly low cost. The idea is to be as efficient with your money as possible and from a value perspective, you aren’t going to be able to find anything better.

Is the HT-5040 Massage Chair Right For You?

You need to decide for yourself whether the HT-5040 massage chair has the features that you need for the right cost, and of course you can compare features on the ht-5040 with similar models on our comparison chart. Many other products have far higher costs and do not offer many more features than this massage chair. Therefore, this model of massage chairs is definitely a great option if you want to enjoy yourself without spending a lot of money. Overall, it comes in at the mid level of our robotic chair reviews – combining a wealth of features with a well known brand name and excellent customer service. However, the one question that i keep coming back to though is that given its $2k+ price tag, there are more complete solutions available on the market for the same or a lesser price.

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