Inada Yu Me HCP-R100A Massage Chair Review


Inada Yu Me HCP-R100A Massage Chair Review

There are some brands that pay particularly close attention to detail and the Inada company is one of those in the massage chair industry. With a wide range of products, the Inada Yu Me massage chair is one of the best chairs for the money without getting into the ultra-luxury range. Even though there are some products with higher dollar costs, there are few that have more features than the Inada Yu Me massage chair. In the following review, we will detail some of the benefits and drawbacks to using this massage chair to help you determine whether it is right for you.

Inada HCP-R100A Yu Me Massage Chair Features

inada-yu-me-hcp-r100a-massage-chair-reviewThe features of the Inada HCP-R100A are many fold and include a wide variety of new technologies that can make your experience far better than it has ever been before. For instance, one of the latest thera-eliptical kneading (TEK) technologies will help to massage your calves completely by providing both compression and rotation. In doing so, your calves will get a massage that allows you to relax and remove the stress and pain from these regions of your body. Even though some massage therapists can work on you in this way, it is best to use this new and modern technology instead.

Rotary rocker technology is another type that will allow you to accelerate and decelerate the chair’s velocity to mimic a rocking chair for the maximum feeling of relaxation. Even though it is such a small piece of technology, it has profound impacts on making the experience even more enjoyable for the user.

Of course, the Inada Yu Me massage chair comes with standard features as well. The remote control is an important part of the massage chair and offers you ample room for changing the settings based on your desire. Furthermore, you are able to recline fully with the massage chair in order to put yourself in a more natural position.

Overall, the Yu Me is so much more than just a massage chair, it’s a complete home relaxation unit for mind, body and soul.

The High Costs

The costs associated with the Inada Yu Me massage chair can be high, but come with great support and value. The Inada brand of massage chair manufacturers are known to be the best with support, which is worth a lot of money in itself. You don’t want to buy an expensive massage chair and have it break without the proper support.

However, the cost of the Inada Yu Me massage chair is still not one of the highest on the market. There are plenty of other chairs that cost almost double the Yu Me model, but many of them don’t have the same level of features or only equally match them. Therefore, form a value perspective, the Inada Yu Me massage chair is  somewhat of a bargain.

You will find that the cost of the Inada Yu Me massage is also far less than getting a massage therapist to massage you for the rest of your life. Even if you do it rarely, you will find that the Inada product will be a great investment in the long run.

Is the Inada Yu Me Massage Chair Right For You?

When you determine whether the Inada Yu Me massage chair is right for you, take into account all of the factors we have provided above. The technology is state of the art, which is going to increase the cost. Still, it is not too expensive for you to afford and is definitely better priced than some other similar items.

Only you can determine whether its extravagant price fits into your budget or not, but understand that the Inada Yu Me massage chair is a great investment in your personal health and wellbeing.

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