InSinkErator SST-FLTR 2/3 Gallon Stainless Tank and Filtration System Review


InSinkErator SST-FLTR 2/3 Gallon Stainless Tank and Filtration System Review

The InSinkErator SST-FLTR is a cost effective point of use water heater. If you have a sink that you just cant seem to get hot water to, you can easily install an InSinkErator SST-FLTR and solve that problem with ease. Almost anywhere in the house where your water temperature needs a boost and the volume required is not too much, the InSinkErator SST-FLTR will fit in perfectly!

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With its 60 cups per hour performance, its high quality, durable stainless steel tank and its built in filtration system, the InSinkErator SST-FLTR will surely meet your needs on a consistent basis.

InSinkErator SST-FLTR Features:

  • Relatively high volume – the InSinkErator SST-FLTR can provide up to 60 cups of 200 degree water per hour. This is more than enough to suit almost any application.
  • Stainless Steel tank – this specially designed tank will last for a long time and is much more durable than the tanks on some comparable units
  • Built in filtration system – the InSinkErator SST-FLTR has a build in filtration system that will reduce the odor of your water and remove some of the chlorine taste.


InSinkErator SST-FLTR System Reviews:

It is always a good idea to read as many reviews as you can on any product, especially when there are many negative ones posted. Here is what people had to say about the InSinkErator SST-FLTR.

The main merits of the InSinkErator SST-FLTR seem to be how easy it was to install and that it does provide hot water when the unit works. When you really look at it, the InSinkErator SST-FLTR is a very simple system that has few parts and is easy to install and work on. If you are mechanically inclined, you could probably service it yourself. When everything is working right, it does provide a constant stream of hot water and will meet your needs on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, most people did not see the same benefits that the few positive reviews mentioned. For some reason, people just don’t like the InSinkErator SST-FLTR.

Many people state that the design is flawed, it breaks down on a regular basis, and that when you try to contact InSinkErator, the customer support team is almost nonexistent. It would be nice to say that there were isolated instances, but it seemed to be the norm for almost everyone who wrote a review for this product. Does this mean the InSinkErator SST-FLTR is a bad product? Not exactly, but you definitely need to do your research carefully and know what the potential risks are.


InSinkErator SST-FLTR Review Summary

If you need a small electric water heater, the InSinkErator SST-FLTR is one of the options you should consider. While reading the reviews posted may leave a sour taste in your mouth, you should do as much research as possible to get the full picture.


There is no doubt that there are some issues with the InSinkErator SST-FLTR, but if you can work around them, this could still be a great buy!

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