Lifecore R100 Rowing Machine Review


Lifecore R100 Rowing Machine Review

The Lifecore R100 Rowing Machine is a rowing machine that you can use to get in shape and experience working on your arms and body rigorously. If you want to workout your arms and practice your rowing at home, this is the machine to buy. It is a strong and durable machine with a complete design perfect for getting fit at home. This rower made it to one of our top picks of the best rowing machine for this year.

The Good


  • Folds Up When Not In Use Very Easily

You can use this nice machine to workout, but if you’re not using it, you could just let it fold up and let it get stuck in the closet without it taking up too much space. The folding takes up around a minute or two, and it could be a useful feature that can allow you to enjoy the additional space.

  • Great Programs

There are 15 included programs and 4 specifically for heart rate, and they are also compatible with Polar HRM products. You never have to be bored since you always get a bunch of unique ways to workout with the fun workout programs that are included.

  • Seat

The ergonomically designed seat and handles makes it easy on everyone, and the quality of them makes it possible to last for years and years. The cushion in the seats makes it easy to workout for longer periods of time.

  • Weight Capacity

There is a weight capacity of around 600 lbs. Weight capacity can be a problem for some people because of the machines that cannot hold up for more than 300 lbs. This machine makes it possible for some heavier individuals to have a chance at buying a workout machine and not worry about breaking it.


  • Multiple Rowing Exercises

You have the option to work on more than just one rowing exercise. You can do it in different ways to target multiple techniques. Rowing is a great sport because of how it targets the upper body, and this machine allows you to replicate that same exercise feeling in your own home.

  • Smooth And Glides Well

Rowing is an exercise that is very smooth, and this machine is capable of rowing very smoothly. It is very easy, smooth, and glides well. As you row, you can relax and know that it won’t require excessive amounts of force. The resistance that you can add makes it tougher, but in a sense, it is not a problem because it still rows smoothly.

  • LCD Screen

There is an LCD screen that makes it possible to see what kind of workout you want to do. The screen is what showcases the resistance, and its blue backlit design makes it easy on the eyes to look at. You can edit your workout and setup what you want to work on through the LCD screen.


The Bad

  • LCD Display screen Moves

The screen can move during workouts, and this could be one of the most annoying things to deal with. While you are rowing, sometimes the screen can move downwards and can be very stressful if you want it to be near to you.

  • Expensive

Compared to most other models that are a bit more expensive, those can come with a bit more features than normal. The features, however, of this machine are very worth it, and they can still be helpful for giving you a powerful whole body workout.


The Verdict

Is this worth the purchase? This all depends on your own choices and what you are interested in. Working out on this machine is always very effective, and since the setup and assembly is very easy, it can be worth the money. This actually weighs around 25-30 lbs., so it can allow you to bring it around easier than other machines to other areas of the house. This is the perfect addition to any home fitness center.

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