Lloytron E821 1.5 Litre Slow Cooker Review

Lloytron E821 1.5 Litre Slow Cooker

Lloytron E821 1.5 Litre Slow Cooker Review

Slow Cooking are the impressive cooking form that spend more time to tender the food as it tries to retain the available nutrients in the food. It is the best form to health cooking. Lloytron, the brand offering small kitchen appliances have also categorized a segment for the slow cookers. Lloytron E821 1.5 Litre Slow Cooker forms the group with the appliance that suit small families. Being petite in size and capacity, it delivers the good some of aromatic food once the programme ends. This model is been reviewed to get clear picture of its features and functions.

Lloytron E821 1.5 Litre Slow Cooker

Model:  E821 Slow Cooker

This E821 crock pot slow cooker from Lloytron makes cooking interesting by just filling it with the ingredients and setting the required temperature. By just offering a small place in the kitchen, it can do the wholesome cooking of the vegetables, rice and meat until the expected tenderness. In most busy families one the slow cooker is been put to work, it offers a good space for cooking as when you return after few hours the rich aromatic, fresh food is ready to relish.

Size, Shape and Capacity:

Lloytron E821 White Slow Cooker has a round structure in the compact size that can accommodate the capacity of 1.5 litres. The white colour body makes it attractive, it is an all-together white colour appliance as the lid knob, the handles, and the lid rim is white in colour.

Handles, Lid and other Details:

Structured with the handles on both sides of the unit promotes easy and comfortable handling. They feature with the cool touch making it easy for the user to lift without the feel of heat. The close of the cooker is with the toughened glass lid that perfectly fits to the base. It protects the steam from escaping and manages to send out the extra steam through the vent.

The lid is been centered with a knob and that too features with the cool touch. This electrically operated appliance comes with a lengthy cord and its storage is also concealed in the cooker. With the crock-pot that is been made of ceramic material can be removed for easy cleaning. At times when required, it can also be used for serving purpose.

Programmes, Control Panel and the Heat Settings:

This Slow Cooker offers 3 different heat settings that the user can choose based on the food type and the required tenderness. The temperature selection can be high or low, for the foods that are bulkier or when required to speed up the cooking the high temperature is the one that functions, where incase the food is delicate or requires less tenderness the low temperature can be opted.

However, it also provides with the auto function in which the device itself selects the temperature and completes the programme without over or under cooking. With regard to the control panel it is been operated with the rotary control. This mechanical control is been found in the front lower end of the appliance. It comes with the indicator that illuminates to show the functioning of the cooker.

Lloytron E821 Slow Cooker Package

Lloytron, does makes this Bonne Cuisine 1.5Lt Slow Cooker suitable for small families and takes care of the slow cooking solutions. The style and design suits contemporary homes as well.

Lloytron E821 Electric Slow Cooker – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Lloytron
Model Name E821 Slow cooker
Model number E821
Lid type Transparent glass with center handle
Colour White
Shape Round
Capacity 1.5 litres
Heat settings 3
Delay start No
Controls Rotary control with indicator
Product Features Toughened Close fitting glass lid
Cool to touch handles
Temperature control dial
Removable ceramic pot
Power on indicator
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