Marcy MC09 Deluxe Magnetic Exercise Bike Review


Marcy MC09 Deluxe Magnetic Exercise Bike Review

The popularity of the exercise bike is for the benefit of the health concerns and it proves to be an effective aerobic exercise. It helps to reduce the risk of factors like high blood pressure, obesity, diabetics and heart associated disease. This is an active form and fun filled exercise equipment. It burns calories of nearly 300 calories in an hour. It also helps to keep the body metabolism high. Marcy with the handful of models in exercise bike promises quality, functionality and performance. Marcy MC09 Deluxe Exercise Bike is one among them and the following is the review of the same.


This model is domestic equipment that serves as the fitness tool and takes the upright type of construction. It has the housing in the combination of black and grey which is attractive and common among the many models. The foot print of this model is compact and is suitable even for the space conscious homes. Marcy MC09 takes the dimension of 120 x 50 x 85 cm. The low base design makes it easy for the user to shift the sides; it is rather a convenient one that handles with the weight of mere 21.5 kg those talks of its compact size and light weight construction. It shows a good use that allows accommodating the user with the weight of 100 kg maximum.


The Specifications:

Marcy MC09 Upright Exercise Cycle is equipped with manual resistance system. This system helps to keep cost at bay. The resistance provided gives the feel of natural strides. The start and stop functions smoothly due to this contraction. The 5 kilogram flywheel helps create the tension to make it feel all the more real and natural. The 8 level tension controls are effective as it helps the individual to make use of the various intensities offered. So this makes the equipment ideal for both a beginner and a rigorous user.

The User- friendly features:

The console of the Marcy MC09 Domestic Exercise Bike is small yet effective. The information regarding the speed, distance, time, calories and pulse are displayed in the screen. The screen is lit up with the help of 2 alkaline batteries. The pulse sensor is found in the hand grip. This is ergonomically placed as it is easy to check one’s pulse while exercising. The need to read the pulse is important to increase the intensity and direction of the exercise regime.

The pedals are self levelling making it all the more comfortable and safe. The transportation wheels that are found help the unit to move about effortlessly. This enables the user to move it about to the place of his wish and too keep it out of way when not in use. The seat and the handle bar are adjustable to suit the user requirement.

The Verdict:

Cardio vascular exercise is the best form of burning calories away. The cross trainer helps to further boost this regime. This exercise bike is safe on the joints and yet effective on the intensity. This model is not only economical yet stylish in appearance; one can be definitely assured of good health in body and mind.

Marcy MC09 Upright Exercise Bike – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Marcy
Model Name MC09 Deluxe Magnetic Exercise Bike
Weight 21.5 kilograms
User weight 100 kilograms
Dimension (H x W x D) cm 120 x 50 x 85 cm
Colour Black with grey
Console specifics Large LCD display,
Displays speed, time, distance, calories, Heart rate, Scan
Product specifics Compact design
8 levels of manually adjustable magnetic resistance
Hand grip pulse sensors
5 kilograms flywheel
LCD monitor
Ergonomic features Adjustable seat
Adjustable handle bar
Self-levelling pedals and pedal straps
Transportation wheels
Warranty 12 months
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