MCS-210H Homedics Massage Cushion Review


MCS-210H Homedics Massage Cushion Review

More expensive does not always mean better quality, which is exactly what helps the Homedics massage cushion. Even though you do not get an entire piece of furniture in your house with this item, you will be able to get the benefits of a massage chair without paying a ton of money. The Homedics massage cushion is well priced for anyone to purchase as a relaxation tool. Best of all, unlike many of the other products that are hundreds of pounds, this massage cushion is completely portable, which can be a huge advantage for you. Rather than worrying about how long you can spend on your massage cushion, you can now take it with you!

Features of the MCS-210H

mcs-210h-homedics-massage-cushionOne of the major features of the Homedics massage cushion has already been explained above. The ability to take this cushion with you at all times is a benefit that few people have been able to utilize with massage chairs. The typical massage chair weighs hundreds of pounds and is not only impossible to move from one place to another, but is also very impractical as well.

Also unlike other massage chairs, the Homedics cushion allows you to use 3 separate massage programs for your entire body. This way, you are able to choose which parts of your body you would like to focus on. Rather than having only separate programs, you can also customize the massage that you get through this cushion with the remote that is given.

For elderly or injured people, the MCS-210H is perfect. The nodes are not too strong to be harmful, but they are just strong enough to provide adequate massage to help reduce the tension and the pain. There are many massage chairs that are far too rough, but this one does not have the problem at all. Couple that with the heat offered by this cushion and it the general benefits of shiatsu massage then it can be an extremely usefull part of taking care of ones health and general wellbeing.

However, there is one drawback for those who are quite short. If you are not very tall, it is possible that the MCS-210H could be a bit strong for you, but most people do not have to worry about this. Additionally, those of us well over 6ft may find that the massage rollers don’t quite reach the upper shoulders and back due to the one size fits all nature of the cushion.


Anyone worried about cost of their massage therapy will find the Homedics MCS-210H to be the perfect remedy. Rather than spending much of your time worried about the different products that cost thousands of dollars, you can get a massage cushion that performs many of the same massaging features for a fraction of the cost. In some cases, this is up to ten times cheaper than other products. Even worse, many of the other products do not offer the complete mobility as this 10lb product.


From a value perspective, there are few products that can rival the Homedics massage cushion. While it is not a fully functional piece of stand alone furniture, it is still great for you to use to massage your back at a fraction of the cost.


Is the MCS-210H Homedics Massage Cushion For You?

When determining whether the Homedics massage cushion is for you, first consider your size and shape. If you are too short, it may be too strong of an electrical current for you. Too tall and it may not massage the upper back and shoulders effectively. However, if you are about average and want to save some money with your massage, then this massage cushion could be perfect for you.

Overall it’s a great offering and could be perfect for those looking to test the water. At a fraction of the cost of most other chairs currently for sale, it is no wonder that many people have already moved to this option. Few things are better than saving a ton of money!

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