Mighty Vaporizer Reviews


Mighty Vaporizer Reviews

This is currenty our #2 rated portable vaporizer. It’s considered a portable, but it’s not exactly fit in your pocket small. It is very easy to still transport it though.

Overall, it’s a high quality, top shelf, vaporizer that produces ridiculous quality vapor. It is vapor comparable to a desktop unit but in portable form.


  • Vapor Quality: 10
  • Vapor Density: 10
  • Efficiency: 10
  • Taste: 10
  • Ease of Use: 10
  • Durability/Quality: 10
  • Maintenance: 10
  • Price: 8
  • Heat Up Time: 8.5
  • Fun: 10


Why I like the Mighty

Storz and Bickel is back at it again! They really have outdone themselves this time with this vape. The Mighty is officially my favorite portable vape. It’s pretty simple why I like the Mighty so much and it is because it’s pretty much a mini Volcano you can take with you in your pocket.

It has better a lot better vapor quality than almost all of the desktop vaporizers on the market, which is really impressive. I would say the Volcano and the Herbalizer are the only other ones that outperform it.

This isn’t a super portable vaporizer like the Pax. You can definitely take it on the go with you, but you can’t really fit it into your pocket with all the other crap we have to carry in our pockets nowadays. However, if you’re wearing some big cargo shorts or something you can definitely fit it in one of those 20 pockets on the shorts. I usually will just throw it into my backpack and it’s comfortable in there.

The build quality is tremendous. It is very well made and could probably last if you dropped it..Haven’t dropped mine yet thank goodness!

Herb Chamber Capacity

Depending upon how finely your grind your herb, you can find you’ll be able to fit about .3-.4 grams into the chamber.

How Many Draws?

You’ll get about 10-17 draws from a full chamber. It depends on how long of draws you take and how powerful your draws are.


Battery Life

The battery is really good and you should expect about 90 minutes of battery life.

Vapor Quality

Incredibly smooth and not hot at all. It’s extremely high quality which is why I’ve compared it to almost the Volcano or Herbalizer, but not quite.

Vapor Density

The density depends upon what temperature you cook it at, how good of bud you have, and how big of draws you take. I’m happy to say that the Mighty has very little draw resistance meaning you can take BIG BOY rips.


The efficiency is tremendous. Taking 10-20 draws on .3 amount of herb is very good. How many draws it takes you to feel it depends upon your tolerance. But regardless, could you see .3 of herb lasting 15 hits on a bowl? Uh no way! In comparison to other vapes, it is still above average efficiency.


Comparing the Mighty to Other Portables

There are a lot of different portable vapes out there for purchase. We review our top 5 here and the Mighty comes in at #1.

Vs. The Crafty

There are really 2 vapes you should also look at if you’re contemplating getting the Mighty. One is the Crafty (which is the sister vape of the Mighty). The major differences between the two are…

  • Size – The Mighty is larger. The crafty is meant for more on the go and putting into your pocket.
  • Battery life – Mighty has a 90 minute battery life where as the Crafty is about 45 minutes.
  • Temperature Display – On the Mighty you have a little screen where you see the temperature and control it. On the Crafty, you use a smart phone application to control the temperature and see the battery life.

Vs. the Pax

The other vape that is worth checking out is the Pax. It was originally my favorite portable until the Mighty and Crafty came out.

The Pax is a bit sleeker and easier to fit into your pocket; thus it’s easier to take it on the go. The reason it comes in at #3 now though is because of its draw resistance. It’s much easier to take big draws from the Mighty and the Crafty.


Where to Buy?

We recommend purchasing from VapeWorld. You’ll get free overnight shipping and the best available price. It’s a lot better to purchase online because you’ll find that not make smoke shops are going to carry the Mighty.

Mighty Customer Reviews

“Twice bitten, three times shy!
The Crafty and the Mighty both have design faults. The very same problem as mentioned above has happened to me exactly the same. The plastic moulding at the retaining collar has cracked and broken in exactly the same place on both devices. Materials failure. And, even after this has occurred twice Storz-Bickel are refusing to issue a full refund. Good money after bad? I don’t think so. Why would I want a third one of these inferior products? And still expected to pay extra for it! Even FOC I have no faith in this company or its products. They need to recognise their own failure and own up to it.”

“Warranty is awesome
That sucks for guy below he must of ruined the machine himself. However my crafty was purchased 1.5 years ago. Went down 3 times after 100 hours. On the third time they offered me a digital volcano for a 100 . Classic for 50 and brand new crafty or mighty . So I took the mighty the threw in all the goodies as well. Warranty is excellent. Don’t even mention the machine itself nothing even compares.”

“Great product, no service/support
Storz & Bickel: Good products, no support, no warranty honored, no way to contact. If you buy a Mighty or Crafty, be prepared to be on your own with it if anything goes wrong. I bought a Crafty and its battery life was too poor to make it useful for me. I did like the product, though, so I paid nearly $400 again for the Mighty. At first, the Mighty was awesome. The battery life is far better. However, after 7 months of use, the top of the vaporizer body was cracking away and left the three ‘columns’ that make up the Mighty body start to move independently of each other. Now the cooling chamber won’t even stay on correctly. Honestly, if my 2 year warranty doesn’t cover this, I would still be willing to pay to have it fixed, but reaching Storz and Bickel is impossible. Here in the US, we have to go through an Oakland office and they don’t respond to emails or voicemails. The ‘RMA’ process on the website is also a dead end. You can enter one, then you will be ignored and cannot enter another because they know that the serial number was already entered. In summary, I would simply say that if you have one of these vaporizers, be extremely careful with it because if a problem comes up, you are screwed.”

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