MOTOACTV 8 GB GPS Fitness Tracker and Music Player Review


MOTOACTV 8 GB GPS Fitness Tracker and Music Player Review

After having spent some time testing the Motoactv Fitness Sport Watch, I can finally give you our opinion. When Motorola introduced the Motoactv, I was captivated by the look, design, style and features. Now, I have had some sports watches during my time – from Timex to Garmin to the Tech40. All with unique characteristics and features (i.e. GPS, music players, etc.).  I enjoy having and wearing a good sports watch – for some reason I feel my workout gear isn’t complete without one.

What To Look For In A Sports Watch

Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Functionality – Sports watches are manufactured and designed to carry out certain task such as dual time, split time functions, etc.. Modern sports watches also allow for deep underwater activities, fitness tracking and more.
  • Features – Granted, the ability of a watch to provide the time is important, but a few additional features is what enables a sports watch to separate itself from the others. The features should provide unparalleled uniqueness. Sports watches should provide easy reading of the time during the day or night. Calendars and shock prevention are two other important features.
  • Appearance – Even with an abundance of features, sports watches should appear sleek and well-designed.  Sleek and sexy sport watches certainly give the look of an expensive, cleverly crafted watch.
  • Support – There should be some sort of warranty for the sport watch even if it is only a limited warranty.


Motoactv Features and Benefits

Accusense Technology and GPS

Keep an eye on your running, walking, and cycling, plus track your elliptical, step machine, and treadmill progress. Time, distance, speed, and calories burned are all part of your workout. This Fitness Tracker keeps tracks of your outdoor training via GPS. Monitor yourself on the device on an uploaded map.

Smart Music Player

MOTOACTV’s smart music player learns what songs motivate you by tracking your performance against your music. It determines which songs help you perform better and then compiles them in a high-performance playlist.

An FM radio is also included for tuning into the TV radio transmitters at the gym, or just enjoying some radio programming.


MOTACTV is weatherproof, rain resistant, shockproof, and scratch resistant–ready to stand up to your hardest workouts, indoors and out.

Wireless Capabilities

You have the option to stay connected to your Motorola Android smartphone through the MOTOACTV phone app, so you can receive texts or calls through your stereo Bluetooth headphones (sold separately).

Personal Coach

MOTOACTV’s audio coach keeps you moving with updates on your pace, split times, and other performance motivators. Download customized training plans from

Dual-mode Touchscreen Display for Indoor and Outdoor Readability

MOTOACTV’s touchscreen display is clear, indoors or out, and it switches for you so you can stay focused on training.

Additional Features

  • With the purchase of a Bluetooth-enabled headphones, you can listen to your favorite tunes while you workout.
  • You can also sync your songs to iTunes and Windows Media Player – how cool is that?
  • Using the Motoactv website, you can download your workout data to your Motoactv profile.

Does The Motoactv Fitness Sports Watch Come With A Warranty?

The Motoactv GPS Fitness Tracker comes with a one year warranty on parts and labor. That brings peace of mind.


What Are Others Saying About The Motoactv Sports Watch?

  • “The touchscreen works flawlessly. The screen is vibrant and bright (you can actually set the brightness level). You get all the relevant run data you need right on the screen during your run….and how cool is it that you can see a little map of your run as you go.”
  • “Using the MOTOACTV is SOOO much better than lugging around my bulky mobile phone on long runs!”
  • “It is amazing! I love reviewing different stats after a long run. The motoactv breaks down anything and everything you could possibly want to review and compare after a run: time, pace, route, distance, calories, heart rate, and even motivational music.”
  • “The setup is incredibly easy, the pc software is intuitive and the online account is great to view how you’re performing.”
  • “This device is amazing. The verbal auto-laps are great. Controls are intuitive. Pairing is easy. The motoactv website is nice and clean and I love how the device syncs my workouts wirelessly when I return. Music playback is working well.”


Size: 46 x 46 x 9.6 mm
Weight: 35g
Display: 1.6-inch Trasflective TFT, QCIF+ 176×220 (optimized for Indoor/Outdoor)
Supported Audio Formats: AAC, AAC+, MP3
System Memory: 256MB
Storage: 8GB capacity (16GB also available)
Connectivity: 3.5mm Headset, USB 2.0 HS
Bluetooth: Stereo Bluetooth Class 1.5
Sensors: ANT+, BLE, Accelerometer
WLAN: 802.11 b/g/n
Location: GPS+
Battery Life: 258 mAh
Standby Time: 325 hours
Playback Time: 20 hours
Workout Time: 10 hours indoor, 5 hours outdoor

What Are The Cons

They need to make the cover for the USB port more durable. To me, it’s a bit too weak…if I’m going to swim, I would not expect the cover for the port to keep water from entering as it’s just not sturdy at all. Also, the battery life is too short when using the three main features during a workout. C’mon, Motorola. Increase the battery life and I would highly recommend your Motoactv.


What’s Included In Your Order

  • Motorola SF200 Sports Headphones
  • Wall Charger with Data Cable
  • Quick Start Guide.

What The Price And Your Final Opinion Of The Motoactv Fitness Tracker Sports Watch?

The Motoactv Fitness Tracker is fantastically cool – comes with a built-in and well-designed fitness tracker, easy readable touchscreen display, great sounding music player, and is highly durable able to handle the typical wear and tear. All in all, we adore it. Although, I will not give it my highest rating, the Motoactv Fitness Tracker is well worth the price and you can get it from the most trusted online store, Amazon for under $300 (with FREE SHIPPING) for the 16GB Tracker.
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