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Nespresso Citiz Automatic Espresso Maker Reviews

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I know some of us just want that regular cup of coffee every morning without having to go to all the fuss of tamping grounds and heating up the milk, not to mention washing up. That’s why a lot of people spend more than $2 a day for coffee. But with the Nespresso Citiz Automatic Espresso Maker, you’d think stopping by Starbucks is more troublesome!

Place this awesome espresso machine in your office or at home, and enjoy an espresso shot or a lungo whenever you like in 30 seconds flat, no mess, no fuss, and no skill needed. It’s so easy to use: just pop in the espresso coffee pod, wait for the lights to tell you it’s ready, and press the button. (Side note: An interesting variety of pod organizers are available for you to store the pods, and my favorite is this one.)

The Nespresso Citiz Automatic Espresso Maker only uses pods from Nespresso, but these are really good! They must have been made of espresso grounds. There are many flavors and intensity to try out and I’m sure everyone can find their favorite. One pod makes one cup, and each pod costs only $0.55.

And there’s none of that business of descaling or backflushing with this espresso machine, only press the button again to run the machine with water after use and remember to empty the used pods from the container. The pod capsules are aluminum and fully recyclable, so no guilt for adding to the landfill.

The frother is really good too! The froth is thick and the frother is easy to clean.

“Pour your favorite milk to fill line. Replace cover. Press button. Voile. Whisper quiet then thick, frothy suds for your perfect cup of espresso or coffee. “ – Mary Brown

There are a couple of reviewers saying that their frother on this combined unit didn’t last very long, but they are very satisfied with the espresso maker itself. If you make a lot of lattes a day, you may want to consider buying the espresso machine and frother separately.

For ultimate convenience and to save many bucks a day in coffee, get the Nespresso Citiz Automatic Espresso Maker. It’s very affordable compared to the super automatics, and it’ll soon pay for itself.

If you like a more compact unit of automatic espresso machine, the Nespresso C-100 is a good choice. It has a smaller footprint because the frother is separate and can be stored away. For those who don’t even need a frother, the Nespresso Pixie has the smallest footprint.

Those who prefer a higher end super automatic espresso machine, I recommend the Jura-Capresso 13548 Impressa J6. Anyway, I have more recommendations in my Nespresso reviews and best espresso machine main page.

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