Newlink CC-LCP 01 17 inch Polyester Laptop Bag Review

Newlink 17 inch Polyester Laptop Bag

Newlink CC-LCP 01 17 inch Polyester Laptop Bag Review

Newlink is a manufacturing company who offers industry standard electronic accessories and computer peripherals. Laptop bag is one of the product line of Newlink apart from that it has gained considerable market share on electronic good in UK. Newlink CC-LCP01 17 inch Polyester Laptop Bag is a simple and cost effective laptop bag that does not look much bulky.

It is big enough to comfortably carry 17 inch screen size notebook along with power cables and related accessories in the main inner laptop compartment. The whole inner compartment has a scalable divider with wider space for comfortably keeping the notebook along with separate strap, which holds the notebook firmly. The remaining space on the other side of the divider would helps you to keep the battery charger and other related notebook accessories safely without any damage or scratch.

Newlink 17 inch Polyester Laptop Bag

Large Size Laptop Bag with Light Weight Feature:

When you happen to buy a small laptop bag then you must compromise with the space for keeping battery charger and even sometime it would bulge outside, which would get serious damage to the charger. Newlink 17 inch polyester laptop bag gives ideal solution with large storage space that essentially satisfy your need for carrying large laptops for your business presentation. Not only that but also it provides options to carry some large size hardware and accessories during your long trip. Though it is considered as a large size notebook bag this model does not look bulky and much suitable for those who like to carry lightweight laptop bag. Price conscious people can include this model in their consideration list when they plan to go for cheap and light weight notebook bag.

Plastic Shoulder Strap:

Newlink CC-LCP01 17 inch Laptop Notebook Bag is completely made up of polyester fabric material and available in black colour that does not have a contemporary look but gives some business aesthetic. This Polyester Laptop Bag has removable shoulder strap without padding and it is made up of plastic material. The shoulder strap uses clip function to attach the strap with the bag.

It is a mid range model that has normal plastic quality and it is advisable not to carry over load when you are using shoulder strap. Some times you might feel the tension on your shoulder, which does not allow you to carry the bag for longer time. Soft padded handle is well designed that comes along with this laptop bag, so in case  you happen to carry extra luggage then use the soft paddle handle to avoid inconvenience.

Inner and Outer Storage Space:

There is a dedicated document compartment both in the front and back of the laptop bag. It is made with soft foam material and designed with Velcro fasteners that enable you to quickly access any important documents and papers. The front document compartment has separate flap for extra protection and it cannot be used to keep even small laptop accessories except documents.

It has constrained space with wide area to accommodate large file case. When you open the laptop bag the inner area over the opening flap has three large diverse pockets, card holder, two pen holders and thin document compartment. You can comfortably keep CD and DVD in the inside pockets and the generous space is well organised to make maximum usage.

Newlink 17 inch Polyester Laptop Bag – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Newlink
Model Name 17 inch Polyester Laptop Bag
Product Code CC-LCP01-15
Type of Bag Carrycase
Internal size 450mm x 395mm x 70mm
External size 17 inch
Material Polyester
Colour Black
Anti shock protection No expect internal padding and strap for safety
Padding Yes
Strap type plastic strap with clip type
Handle soft padded handle
Card holder yes
Inner storage pockets yes
Outer storage pockets yes
Outer compartments Yes
Partition Yes
Gents or ladies Laptop bag Gents
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