NordicTrack C7 ZL Exercise Cycle Review


NordicTrack C7 ZL Exercise Cycle Review

NordicTrack is a popular brand in the market of fitness equipment. Based in UK, they are reputed for durable and reliable products that are both stylish to look at and serve the purpose too. NordicTrack C7 ZL Upright Exercise Cycle has some very exclusive features that make it easy to choose amongst the rest. NordicTrack have patented ifitSD cards that come with all their fitness equipment.

These cards enable personal attention to the user making his or her exercise routine more beneficial and effective. With quality bearings and smooth friction resistance the bike is a quiet but powerful operator. Over 23 programmes to choose from, the bike makes it more flexible and special for the different users. Given below are the various features that the exercise cycle is equipped with.

nordictrack-c7-zl-exercise-cycle-reviewThe basics:

In a dazzling combination of steel and grey, the C7 ZL exercise cycle comes with a dimension of 145 centimetres in height, 64 in width and 96 in length. It is very sleek in appearance and design and fits snugly into any limited space. With the added advantage of transport wheels the bike can be effortlessly moved around. Given its dimensions, the bike is ideal for domestic purposes. It can carry a maximum user weight of 125 kilograms. This feature further emphasises the fact that it is ideal for the entire family. The presence of a balanced flywheel of 12 kilogram presents a more realistic motion and feel of pedalling outdoors. There are 25 levels of friction resistance. This enables more control over the ride each time and helps to achieve the correct intensity.

The Console:

The NordicTrack C7 ZL exercise bike has a very professional looking console that has a large LCD display equipped with backlit. This helps to illustrate the information to the user very effectively. The display unit keeps a track on the distance travelled, at what speed and the time taken for it. It further exhibits information on resistance, pulse and the watts.

Exclusive features:

  • NordicTrack C7 ZL Indoor Exercise Bike use iFitSD cards in all their fitness equipment. The SD card reader is found in the console unit of the exercise bike. This card acts like a personal trainer sans the expensive fees. It is an 8 week programme that has 24 unique workout designs. These workouts control the inclination, speed and the duration of each workout sessions. The workout is automatically updated after the end of each stint. This eliminates the monotony of the exercises making the user more enthusiastic for each workout. There are 3 levels of intensity too that assists the user to get the maximum benefit from each exercise session and help in reach one’s fitness target. Even without going to the gym the user benefits from the iFitSD cards as they are verbally encouraged making it more fruitful and interesting.
  • The console has integrated speakers and 3.5 mm line in jack that enables the user to attach any MP3 player. Exercising becomes more interesting and stimulating when one can listen to music.
  • The console unit displays the pulse of the exerciser with the help of either EKG Grip pulse or Polar Chest Belt. The handle bar has the grip pulse that when held for few seconds displays the pulse rate in the LCD display unit. The belt is a wireless way of monitoring the heart rate. Both these features are helpful to find out the intensity of the workout and direct the exercise towards one’s fitness goal.

The Programmes:

The C7 ZL fitness equipment is set with 23 different programmes. The different varieties in the workout help satisfy all users successfully. 12 pre-set programmes come with the model. About 8 HR programmes and 3 watts programme make smarter workout options too. HR rates guide the user to decide on the intensity of the workout. Watts show the amount of power that the user generates while cycling.

The ergonomically designed features:

The C7 ZL  Fitness bike comes with Prosoft seat that is very comfortable and secure. The seat can be adjusted vertically and horizontally according to the user’s need improving the ease of use. It has been uniquely designed so that the handle bar and console is in the view of the user as the console follows the handle bar. This helps the user to be in touch with the information of the workout details easily without any strain or interruption.

The exercise bike like all the NordicTrack fitness equipment comes with a 12-month guarantee. Along with this, the illustrative console, virtual personal trainer, user-friendly features accompanied with durable body parts makes NordicTrack C7 ZL Domestic Exercise Bike of great utility value.

NordicTrack C7 ZL Exercise Cycle – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer NordicTrack
Model Name C7 ZL Exercise Cycle
Transport wheels Yes
Colour code Slate grey
Dimensions Length – 96cms
Height – 145cms
Width – 64 cms
Weight User weight (Maximum): 125 kg
Product features Quality bearings
25 levels of friction resistance
12 kgs of balanced flywheel
Programmes 12 pre-set programmes
8 HR programmes
3 Watts workout
Special features iFitSD cards
Integrated speakers and 3.5mm line in jack for MP3player
Polar chest belt and EKG grip pulse
Display unit LCD Screen with backlit
On display Time/ distance/ speed/ / resistance/ pulse and watts
Ergonomic features Unique design of handle bars and console
Prosoft seat
Transport wheels
Warranty 12 months
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