Obaby Escape Pushchair Review


Obaby Escape Pushchair Review

With loads of reputation as a well known brand in the baby product segment, Obaby as a brand needs no real introduction as we have already reviewed a few popular ranges of Obaby pushchairs including the ZeZu, Atlas Sport and Apollo Plus. So, we had no second thoughts reviewing another successful pushchair model from Obaby namely the ‘Escape’ range of Obaby.

Great for  all those holiday getaways and weekend strolls at the park (partly because of its compact design and lightweight), if you are a new parent looking for a pushchair that you can manoeuvre pretty easily as well fit well in the trunks of even smaller cars, you will appreciate the superb built features of the ‘Obaby’. Here is more on the technical features of the buggy in the review.

Design features:

obaby-escape-pushchair-review-3The Obaby Escape Buggy is a functional pushchair that is available in visually-stimulating and exciting colours including black (code: 10OB1804), candyfloss pink (code:10OB1813) and turquoise (code:10OB1814) and is recommended for children aged 6 months and above.

The pushchair looks pretty good especially the candy floss pink one and folds down easily and quickly even with the hood on. Made of a light weight frame, the ‘Escape’ weighs 6.4kg, which is nearly two times the weight compared to the Apollo Plus and the Maclaran Techo XT.  Compactly built, this pushchair is designed with several key features dealt with in the following section.

Key features:

Multi position seat unit:

This Obaby Escape pushchair features multi position seat unit having full from birth lay back. For safety, the seat is built with an adjustable 5 point safety harness that helps distribute the protection around the child without any larger objects in the way. This safety feature is totally adjustable from a newborn.

Wipe-clean fabric:

We best attribute the use of the pushchair to wipe-clean fabric on seats which you will have no trouble cleaning it using a damp or wet cloth.

Lockable front swivel wheels:

The ‘Escape’ comes with lockable swivel front wheels and this means you can lock the wheels so that they can work like front wheels when you require. These wheels are useful in that they constantly change the direction depending upon the way you push the buggy and are so handy if you plan to do a lot of shopping or reside in a town.

Easy & compact umbrella fold:

The pushchair is quick to fold as it can fold into a long, thin shape rather like an umbrella. We found that it really folds compact and saves your space at home. Coming to the handle, the height of the handle is 100 cm and you will have no problem adjusting it to suit your height.


There is a removable hood that can protect your baby from the effects of sun. The ‘Escape’ comes complete with a coordinating shopping basket though not very big, suspended under the seat. The shopping basket is fabulous for putting your shopping in without having to worry about it tipping up as can happen with a buggy. This feature obviously can also free your hands of excess clutter and help with those trips out and about. The rain cover is made from high quality, easy to fit PVC that can act as a perfect weather shield. The compact PVC rain shield is ideal for protecting the baby from the outside elements.

The Obaby Escape Buggy lacks several useful features including reversible seat unit, recliner option, leg rest, calf rest and chest pads and that is pretty much a disappointment to any buyer. The inclusion of accessories including footmuff, cup holder and changing mat would have proved very handy in the context of comfort to your baby. These apart, the manufacturer has done a reasonably good job in offering a decent product to its customers.



The pushchair measures 100 cm (H) x 47 cm (W) x 78 (D) when unfolded and the folded dimension is 104 cm (H) x 26 cm (W) x 19 cm (D).


At a price of about £50 online, the pushchair ticks all the boxes with the biggest advantage being its ease of use especially when you are on a holiday. If you are the end of your tether with heavy, big pushchairs, then this lightweight, smooth to push buggy should be a fabulous purchase. So, have fun in the sun with these outstanding value strollers.

Obaby Escape Forward Facing Pushchair – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer/Brand Obaby
Model Name Obaby Escape Buggy
Style of pushchair Four wheeled Forward facing pushchair/Buggy
Weight 6.4kg
Age range 6 months & above
Lightweight Yes
Available colours/product code Black (code: 10OB1804), candy floss pink (code:10OB1813,
turquoise (code:10OB1814)
Seat features
Seat facing direction Forward facing
Safety harness 5 point safety harness
Folding method Umbrella fold
Wheel system
Type of Wheel Swivel/locking wheels (front)
Number of wheels 4
Shopping basket Yes
Detachable hood Yes
Rain cover Yes
General dimensions
Folded dimension 100 cm (H) x 47 cm (W) x 78 (D)
Unfolded dimension 46.5cm (H)  x79cm (W) x100 cm (D)
Highlight features Wipe-clean fabric
Brilliantly designed wheels
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