Queen 12″ Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress Review


Queen 12″ Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress Review

Using technology designed by NASA, the Queen 12″ Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress with 5″ 5LB Viscoelastic Memory Foam prides itself on providing sound sleep throughout the night. Adjusting naturally to your bodyweight, the memory foam will contour itself to your shape effectively eliminating a back soreness and neck discomfort commonly caused by other mattresses. The memory foam also helps to prevent pain caused by bruised pressure points. Though the Queen 12” therapeutic memory foam mattress promises an amazing level of comfort, to be sure the mattress is for you it is important to do some research before making your purchase.

Important Features

When shopping for a memory foam mattress there are specific features you should look for before making a decision. I am going to point out some of the Queen 12” therapeutic memory foam mattress’s features and explain why they are important. The features I will explore are:


  • Mattress size
  • Memory foam thickness and weight
  • Warranty and satisfaction guarantee
  • 4-way zipper cover
  • Which memory foam was used

You want to make sure the mattress you decide on will maintain its level of comfort for many years. Unlike innerspring mattresses, memory foam relies solely on the foam for its support. While this avoids the problem of broken springs sticking up through the cover, it needs to be able to retain its shape without any springs.

Is the Mattress the Right Size?

This mattress is only available in queen size. Its dimensions are 80 X 60 X 12. Regular queen- sized sheets will fit it with no problem. It will fit perfectly onto a queen platform or box spring. Weighing 80 lbs, it is roughly the same weight as an innerspring mattress of the same size.

The Foam Thickness and Weight

The Queen 12″ therapeutic memory foam mattress with 5″ 5LB viscoelastic memory foam has a plush 5” of foam that has a density of 5 lbs. per square foot top resting on 7” of high resilience polyurethane foam. This gives you sound support while sleeping, yet has enough give to form to your body. The density also allows the mattress to bounce back, returning to its original shape quickly and for many years.


What if the Mattress Does Not Perform as Advertised?

Anytime you buy a new piece of furniture there is a chance it will not be as comfortable as you thought it would be. There is also a chance there will be some type of defect in the material or craftsmanship. The Queen 12″ Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress with 5″ 5LB Viscoelastic Memory Foam comes with a full 20-year warranty, protecting your investment should there be an issue with the quality. It also has a 90-day in-home guarantee.

Ease of Care

A 4-way zipper cover makes keeping this mattress clean a breeze. You will not have to struggle while trying to get the cover on or off to launder. This also comes in handy if you decide to make a change to the color or design of your bed.

Type of Memory Foam

Viscoelastic foam was designed by NASA to reduce pressure and pain caused by remaining in one position for long periods. It has been used in hospitals to reduce pressure sores in bed-ridden patients, and to help with joint stiffness and immobility. Its ability to contour to your body while at the same time providing adequate support means you will sleep more restfully. You will not toss and turn all night trying to find a comfortable position.


What Comes With It?

  • Queen-size 12 inch therapeutic foam mattress
  • 4-way zipper cover

Does It Have A Warranty?

Yes, the The Queen 12″ therapeutic memory foam mattress with 5″ 5LB viscoelastic memory foam comes with a 20 year manufacturer warranty.

What the Buyers are Saying

The vast majority of people that buy this mattress are very pleased with it. Reviewers on Amazon give it 4.4 out of 5 stars at the time of writing. The most common comments about it are:

  • “At first it seems very firm, but it just takes a few nights of adjusting to the “contouring” of the mattress, and we sleep very well now.”
  • “I wanted to wait until I had tried it for a few months and it is just as wonderful as it was when I got it.”
  • “6 months later from purchase, the smell is definitely gone, my wife still sleeps soundly, and there are no sags where she usually sleeps or where I do. We’re happy with this purchase so far.”
  • “I have always had lower back pains and I finally realized it was caused by my current mattress. I can honestly tell you that after the first night my back felt so much better. I have had this bed for over a month now and I could not be happier.”
  • “This is a nice bed. Takes a few days to get used to sleeping on mem foam mattress. I flip around less but when I do, it takes more effort to get out of the depression that my body made.”

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And the Bad Parts?

The only negative comments made referred to the initial smell of the mattress. A few people found the smell to be bad enough to avoid sleeping on it until the smell was gone, but most found it was not that bad. Once taken out of the wrap and allowed to air out, the smell was gone the next day or two.


The Final Word

After reading about this mattress, I have found myself wondering if I should start looking for a new bed. The reviews are great; everyone said they slept restfully and woke with no aches and pains. If you are looking for a queen size mattress you should definitely check out the Queen 12″ Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress with 5″ 5LB Viscoelastic Memory Foam.

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