Russell Hobbs 14625 Digital Slow Cooker Review


Russell Hobbs 14625 Digital Slow Cooker Review

This Russell Hobbs  Slow Cooker belongs to the digital category of the brand. Very well designed is this slow cooker that gives an output rich in nutrients and the original flavour is also been maintained by cooking with this appliance.

Russell Hobbs 14625 Digital Slow Cooker


This Russell Hobbs 14625 Digital Slow Cooker comes with a stainless steel wrap with blended handles and a toughened glass lid. The controls are been neatly placed with the touch buttons. With the sturdy feet and removable ovenproof cooking pot it is been made more appealing. The total capacity of this model is 6 litres, which has as split up as 1.5 litres and 4.5 litres.

Cooking mode:

Found in this Programmable Slow Cooker are various cooking modes that is been selected based on the food.

  • Low power mode is the one that resembles the traditional slow cookers. It requires some pre preparation like heating the cook pot.
  • High power model is a fast cooking mode that quickens cooking of the meal.
  • The auto mode is a special mode that is a compromise of high and low power. It starts the cooking process at a high power and later shifts to the low power automatically. Overall, this not only gives the benefit of slow cooking but also cuts the cooking time up to 2 hours.


Russell Hobbs 14625 Stainless Steel Finish Digital Slow Cooker has soft touch buttons and a time display. Setting the time is easy as the increase button displays the time and at the press of each time 6 minutes is been added and to fast forward just keep the finger on the button without taking out. It allows setting up to the maximum of 14 hours. It works in the same manner with the decrease button. It also consists of 3 indicator lights that indicated the mode selection of low, high and auto power.

Product Features: This model consists of an independent boil dry protection that is the complete safe guard for the food inside for not being dried up. Hence, can be less conscious while setting the cooking time. Once the food is been cooked it automatically stops functioning without waiting for the instruction. In this manner the quality of the food is been maintained along with the aroma.

Found in this Russell Hobbs 14625 Programmable Slow Cooker is the removable ovenproof cooking pot. It makes handling and serving easy. More over it also supports easy maintenance and cleaning. The cool touch handles reduces the fear of burning the hands especially with children around. The roughened glass lid not only facilitates to see through and follow the cooking process but found to fit perfectly by not letting the heat to escape. In a manner, this is an energy saving technology. The lid and the cooking pot are dishwasher safe.

Russell Hobbs 14625 Slow Cooker Digital Timer Setting

Package contents:

The accessories that come inclusive on purchase of this product are the Glass lid with knob, Ovenproof cooking pot and the recipe booklet.

Guarantee: Russell Hobbs 6 litres Capacity Slow Cooker comes with the manufacturer guarantee for one full year.

Russell Hobbs 14625 6 litre Slow Cooker – Technical Specifications, Features

Manufacturer Russell Hobbs
Model Name 14625 Digital Slow Cooker
Colour/Finish Stainless steel
Shape Round
Capacity Total – 6litres: Split – 1.5litres / 4.5 litres
Number of Heat Settings 2 (high, low)
Product Features Boil dry protection
Digital LED Control
Cooks 2 dishes simultaneously
Removable oven proof cooking pot
2 different heat settings
Cool touch handles
Toughened glass lid
Non-slip feet
Accessories Glass lid with knob
Oven-Proof cooking pot
Recipe booklet
Guarantee 1 year
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