Russell Hobbs 18036 Breadmaker Review


Russell Hobbs 18036 Breadmaker Review

The Russell Hobbs 18036 Breadmaker is a solid mid-range bread maker that has been on the market since early 2010. While it may not offer all of the fancy features and high-end capabilities of the admittedly superb Panasonic SD2501 or SD2500, it does come at a significantly lower price point, costing less than half the price.

Despite not having all the bells and whistles of more expensive bread makers, the Russell Hobbs 18036 Breadmaker has garnered mostly positive reviews from users who appreciate its consistent performance and reliable results. So, if you’re looking for a reliable bread maker that won’t break the bank, the Russell Hobbs 18036 Breadmaker is definitely worth considering.

Russell Hobbs 18036

Russell Hobbs 180306


  •  3 different loaf sizes – S,M,L (or 1lb, 1.6lb and 2.2lb) – in new money that’s 454g, 725g and 997g
  • Quick Bake / Fast Bake function – it’s possible to get a loaf in under an hour!
  • Delay timer – similar to other bread makers – set the the timer and wake up to lovely fresh smelling bread each morning
  • Dishwasher safe paddle and pan – although personally I think I’d still want to hand wash them to preserve the non stick coating
  • Size – 290mm Wide x 322mm Deep x 296mm High
  • Selection of programs including Basic, French, Wholewheat and various doughs.
  • LCD screen
  • Adjustable crust control
  • Keep warm function
  • 7 minute power cut-off memory function

So what does it do?

While it may not have all the fancy features of more expensive models like the Panasonic SD2501 or SD2500, the Russell Hobbs 18036 Breadmaker is a solid mid-range option that has been around since 2010. It may lack bells and whistles, but it consistently receives positive reviews from users, and it does the basics very well. In fact, it can make a reasonably good loaf in just 55 minutes, which is rather impressive.

Using the bread maker is pretty straightforward, and it’s slightly less complicated than more expensive models. However, as with any bread recipe, getting the ingredients exactly right is crucial. Precise measurements are key, and this bread maker doesn’t come with a measuring spoon, so you’ll need to have your own set.

The cake making program has received mixed reviews, with some users reporting that the center of the cake was undercooked and the whole thing didn’t rise properly. However, we haven’t tried this function ourselves.

There are three crust settings to choose from, but in our experience, you’ll need to set it to the darkest setting if you want any real color in your loaf. The other two settings give a rather pale, although still enjoyable, loaf of bread.

The keep warm function is handy, allowing you to ignore the bread maker for up to an hour after it’s finished before things might start to get a bit soggy. However, it’s actually better to get the bread out as soon as it’s done, as the blade is more likely to come free automatically and the crust will develop better.

One nice touch is the power interrupt/resume function, which will recover in the event of a power cut. While power cuts may not be as common these days, this feature could be handy if you’re continually tripping fuses.

Should I buy it?

If you are looking for a budget-friendly and easy-to-use bread maker that can produce good quality bread, you may want to consider the Russell Hobbs 18036 Breadmaker. This model has been on the market since early 2010 and is available on Amazon for less than £50.

Although it may not have all the advanced features found in more expensive models, the Russell Hobbs 18036 Breadmaker is reliable and consistently receives positive reviews from users. It can produce a reasonable loaf in just 55 minutes, and it is straightforward to use, with a less complicated interface compared to more expensive bread makers. However, like with any bread recipe, precise measurement of ingredients is key to achieving success, and it is recommended that you invest in a set of measuring spoons if you don’t already have them.

One potential issue reported by some users is that the cake-making program may not work as well, with cakes sometimes undercooked in the center and not rising properly. However, the bread-making function works well, with three crust settings available. In our experience, the darkest setting is necessary to achieve a good color in the bread, while the other two settings may result in a paler crust.

The keep-warm function is useful for up to an hour after the bread is done, but it’s recommended to remove the bread from the bread maker as soon as it’s finished to allow the crust to develop fully. The power interrupt/resume function is also a nice touch, allowing the bread maker to recover in case of a power cut. Overall, the Russell Hobbs 18036 Breadmaker is a simple and reliable choice for those looking for an affordable bread maker.

Other Reviews for the Russell Hobbs 18036

A sample of reviews from other owners:

I was so pleased with this breadmaker I bought one for my sister

Very good value compared to some other models. A five ***** product.

I would recommend this breadmaker – it is affordable, easy to use if you follow the instructions and weigh ingredients accurately and will fill your home with a wonderful smell and your tummy with wonderful bread.

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