Samsung Video Baby Monitor SEW-3036WN Wireless Review


Samsung Video Baby Monitor SEW-3036WN Wireless Review

The Samsung Video Baby Monitor SEW-3036WN Wireless is a great choice for your home because it works well, has some great features, and, best of all, is super stylish. This monitor is comparable to other high-end, best-selling video baby monitors, like the Motorola MBP33 Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Infrared Night Vision and Zoom, and the Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Color Video Monitor. In this review I’ll highlight how the Samsung monitor separates itself from the pack.


samsung-video-baby-monitor-sew-3036wn-wireless-reviewFirst, the most standout feature: the design. The Samsung Video Baby Monitor is hands-down the most stylish, design-conscious product I’ve come across in my search for the best baby monitor. It has a modern look, but also hints at a retro style. In my house, the baby monitor is usually front-and-center in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom, so it would be nice to have a monitor that looks cool since it’s out in the open. The camera is similarly stylish, so it won’t be such an eyesore in baby’s room. Like most other monitors, the camera can be wall-mounted or freestanding.

Video Quality and Audio Quality

Now, we know this monitor looks good, but how does it function? It functions well – not spectacularly, but good enough. Mainly, the video quality leaves something to be desired compared to the Summer Infant and Motorola monitors. I think the issue here is that you lose some resolution due to the large 3.5-inch screen. The larger screen is very nice, though. The slightly reduced video-quality is not a deal-breaker in my book. The sound quality is fine, but I think Motorola and Summer Infant do it slightly better than Samsung in this category, too.


Other features

Now on to some more good stuff: the Samsung SEW-3036WN has some great extras. Unexpectedly, my favorite ‘extra’ on this monitor is the time display. I’m not always near a clock when I look at the baby monitor, and it’s really nice to see the time at a glance.

This monitor also works with up to four cameras, and has two-way talk capabilities, a Quiet mode that removes background noise, and an optional VOX function. The VOX function is basically a standby mode where the video display automatically turns off if the baby isn’t making noise. This also means there isn’t constant background noise when it’s quiet in your baby’s room. This is a great feature that I didn’t realize I would love so much.

Furthermore, the range is great (no problems in my house), the zoom works fine, and it has an average battery life (seems like 6-8 hours to me, less if you’re constantly using video).

What’s Missing?

Well, like I mentioned earlier, the video and audio quality is not quite as good as the competition’s. I also wish this monitor came with a temperature display on the parent unit. This monitor doesn’t pan unless in zoom, but that’s not a big deal if you position it properly over the crib.

My final take: this is a good video monitor, with the exceptional feature being the design. If you don’t mind slightly reduced video and audio quality (frankly, I don’t), but would prefer a modern-looking device, this is one you should seriously consider.

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