Shop Fox W1716 with Standard Rails, 57-Inch Review


Shop Fox W1716 with Standard Rails, 57-Inch Review

The Shop Fox W1716 Aluma-Classic Fence comes complete with standard 57 inch rails that have the potential to provide up to 30 inch rip to the right side of the blade.

It is solidly built in steel and aluminum to make it very strong, yet still very light and easy to handle and maneuver. Its wide spaced adjustments are appreciated for making this table saw accessory quick and easy to set-up, while the torsion box design and cam-lever front locking mechanism means it is possible to mount the Shop Fox W1716 to virtually any table saw.

The Shop Fox W1716 Aluma-Classic includes plenty of must-have features including the standard rails, adjustable magnified cursor, and self-adhesive measuring tape.

Features You’ll Value

Shop Fox W1716 with Standard Rails, 57-Inch ReviewFunctions well and tight locking, the Shop Fox W1716 Aluma-Classic Table Saw Fence is a high quality piece of equipment that gives great precision and accuracy. Here are several of the most appealing features of this fence:

Solid construction

The W1716 Aluma-Classic fence is built with a robust and solid construction in steel and aluminum, which not only gives the desired strength, but is also light in weight to make it more comfortable to use.

Versatile use

This table saw fence has a torsion box design and cam-lever front locking mechanism which makes it very adaptable and can easily mount to virtually any make or brand of table saw. Plus, this type of the Shop Fox fence means there is no need to rely on an extra locking mechanism to set-up on the different table saws.

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Easy set-up

The Shop Fox W1716 is able to benefit from an adjustable magnified cursor and self-adhesive measuring tape to make it super easy to achieve the quick and precise positioning. One more feature to promote greater accuracy and support is the wide right angle design.

Magnified Cursor

For complete ease in reading the tape, the Shop Fox W1716 includes a magnified cursor and measurements in high visibility yellow with markings in both metric and SAE scales.

Heavy-duty locking lever

The table saw fence is equipped with a heavy-duty locking lever to ensure greater accuracy, and avoid issues with movement while in use. The cam lever is there to make sure the fence is set in place and the torsion box design has the ability to minimize issues with deflection while the wood is being guided. Also, by combining with other table saw accessories it is possible to achieve the highly accurate and versatile cuts, which can be achieved in a lot less time.

What Consumers Say

If you really what to get a full appreciation of what other professionals are saying about the Shop Fox W1716, why not take a look at these pros and cons that have been sourced from real customer reviews:


  • Solidly built with the potential to provide the long-term service
  • Gives an incredibly straight and solid guide for cutting wood
  • Easily fits plenty of different table saws
  • Light design to make it easy to lift and handle the fence
  • Useful wide angel design for greater ease in achieving the right support or accuracy
  • The fence has the ability to lock down tight
  • Has the potential to fit most table saws.
  • Includes nice adjustable fence wear pads for great durability protection


  • May have slight difficulties mounting to certain tables saws – but this problem is usually overcome by drilling holes in the rail.

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Very well built and locks down tight, the Shop Fox W1716 with Standard Rails is certain to appeal to the beginner or professional in search of the top rated table saw accessories. With its solid construction in steel and aluminum, magnified cursor, and heavy-duty locking lever, this table saw fence has the ability to provide a lifetime of service and enjoyment. It is built to be light in weight, yet still strong for complete ease in working in the difficult environments. The torsion box design and cam-lever front locking mechanism are great features to make sure the accurate cut is achieved on every occasion. Plus, you can use a variety of table saw jigs to help cut the more difficult or unique cuts.

The Shop Fox W1716 with Standard Rails has a solid 4.5 out of 5 rating on the Amazon marketplace to provide a strong fence which has the potential to increase the efficiency of any worthwhile woodworker.

Product Name: Shop Fox W1716 with Standard Rails, 57-Inch
Brand: Shop Fox
Fence Length: 57 Inch
Features: Solid construction, Versatile use, Easy set-up, Magnified Cursor, Heavy-duty locking lever
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