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Singer 6268 Sewing Machine Review

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The Singer 6268 is one of the earlier computerized machines you should have.

If you’re looking at how to make the most out of your sewing and at the same time not having to splurge, then this machine is for you.

The 6268 model from Singer is ideal for sewing silk, denim, cotton, sailcloth, and more. It has simple dial controls that make using it easy.

Singer’s 6268 also boasts of the free top loading bobbin. It also has a free arm spin that makes sewing small projects so much simpler.

If you need to make those buttonholes, it has an easy one-step buttonholer as well as a built-in bobbin winder.

Apart from that, it has a built-in accessory storage for all the supplies you need.

singer-6268-sewing-machineSinger 6268 Sewing Machine Overview

Getting the Singer model 6268 is taking one step to making your sewing jobs so much easier and simpler.

The 6268 machine is from one of the leading brands in the sewing machine industry, Singer, ensuring you that you will get the durability as well as the functionality that you need for all of your sewing projects.

It is one machine that has stood the test of time. It sews perfectly tight stitches and there is no skipping at all. You can use it anytime for all of your sewing projects.

Whether you are making a quilt, a beautiful dress, embroidering, or adding embellishments, it is the perfect companion for all those professional, and even those who are discovering the craft.

Here are some of the features you get once you purchase the Singer 6268:

  • Simple Dial Controls
  • Front-Top Loading Bobbin
  • Free-Arm Sewing
  • Built-In Accessory Storage
  • One-Step Buttonholer
  • Built-In Bobbin Winder
  • Speed Control for Stitches

Advantages of the Singer 6268

1. The Singer 6268 has stood the test of time.

It was one of the earliest models for computerized embroidery machines, so you are assured that it has made its mark. It has consistently performed up to par, never failing its buyers.

2. Another great advantage is that it has a speed control for all the stitches you make.

You can control how fast you want to go or how slow you want to take your stitching. This is perfect if you have those small pieces that require small details and your attention.

3. It is also ideal for free arm sewing.

You cannot ask for more. Its flip and sew panel makes you comfortable when sewing little fabrics, perfect for sewing on patches, embroidering monograms, and for other tedious designs.

Disadvantages of the Singer 6268

One disadvantage about the Singer model 6268 is its appearance, although some people like its blocky look.
Most people prefer that it look more sleeker and professional. It does not rank high in the aesthetics, but it does work fantastically on your sewing projects.

Consumer Review

The Singer 6268 machine is the perfect machine you need if you want to start sewing. Although professionals can also use it, it was the first machine I got when I decided to give sewing and embroidery a try.

It ran perfectly. The stitches were clean and consistent; it didn’t give me a hard time at all. I have a tendency to work on little projects since I sew miniature doll clothes for people, so this machine worked perfectly.

Up until then, I hand sewed, so it was a relief to find a machine that worked with me. I’ve had this for years now and its still working fine. –Anna

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