SOLE SB700 Indoor Cycle Bike Review


SOLE SB700 Indoor Cycle Bike Review

If you are looking for a safe, low impact cardio exercise routine, you can always depend on an indoor exercise bike. One of the best indoor exercise bikes on the market today is the Sole Fitness SB700 spinning bike. Below here is one of the most informative Sole SB700 reviews of Deliventura

Why is the Sole Fitness SB700 so special?

This bike is great for overall indoor use because it takes into account the needs of both the indoor and outdoor cyclist. It features a heavy flywheel that helps provide great stability as well an exceptional and smooth ride. Sole Sb700 exercise bike also comes with a lifetime frame warranty.


In addition, it is also packed with easy-to–use features, making it one of the most competitive bikes on the market. It is also reasonably priced. Another major advantage of this bike is its integrated wireless LCD console. This feature allows you to calculate the calories you have burned, RPM, distance covered, speed, as well as the time you have spent training.

Features and Specifications  of the Sole Fitness SB700 at a Glance

The Sole Fitness SB700 comes with the following specs

  • Length: 40.3 inches
  • Width: 21.1 inches
  • Height: 41.9 inches

The bike comes with the following features

  • A 48 pounds flywheel
  • Pedals with foot straps
  •  An integrated wireless LCD console
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Wireless chest strap heart rate monitor
  • A tension control knob for adjusting resistance levels

The Sole Fitness SB700’s computer features the following

  • Gear resistance monitor
  • Calorie Calculator (Kcal)
  • RPM
  • Peddling time monitor
  • Speed monitor
  • Polar compatible heart rate monitor
  • Odometer (Trip distance monitor)


Due to the fact that manufacturers keep on adding new features in order to stay ahead of the competition, it is advisable for you to keep reading Sole SB700 reviews , which will help enhance your indoor cycling experience.

The Sole Fitness SB700 Spin Bike features in greater details


The 48-pound flywheel provides great, smooth action that gives a truly great workout experience at high resistance. It also makes the bike remain stable during cycling.

Brake pads turn knobs resistance, and pedals

The bike has a built-in Kevlar braking system as well as adjustable resistance levels that help customize your ride and improve safety. In addition, Kevlar is a very strong and flexible material and this means it is ideal for helping keep the bike sturdy and quiet during workouts. The bike’s pedals come with toe straps which are designed to improve stability and safety of the rider during workouts.


Seat and Handlebars

The bike comes with a fully adjustable seat that can move up and down and also forward and backwards. This helps the user to find the most comfortable seating position while working out. The handlebars are fully adjustable, thus helping prevent hand strain as a result of too much grip.


The unit’s integrated backlit LCD console is meant to display real -time workout metrics in order to help the user keep track of time, calories burned, RPM, time; distance covered, as well as speed. The console is also compatible with a wireless HR chest strap that helps ensure the user’s body is engaged within his or her heart rate training zone. This is essential when it comes to achieving optimal indoor training results. Sole SB700 reviews, while keeping you well informed about any new developments , will also help you make informed choices concerning your aerobic workouts.


PROS – Advantages of having a Sole Fitness SB700 Spinning Bike

  • The bike features a comfortable ergonomic padded saddle which is excellent for long distance training,
  • It comes with a durable 2 oval steel tubing frame,
  • The bike comes with a heavy-duty flywheel with adjustable resistance,
  • It has a reasonable warranty as well as guarantee,
  • Its frame is sturdy enough to support users weighing up to 300 pounds,
  • It features a state -of-the -art LCD display with fitness tracking, which is also vibrant and easy to view,
  • The bike features pedals with toe straps that help improve stability while training,
  • It is the best buy in its price range,
  • It comes with easy to use features,


  • It is not compatible with iFit Live,
  • It does not come with a pre-defined workout programs,
  • It only comes with a few extras. This means you don’t find a cooling fan or iPod dock, and integrated speakers, MP3 compatibility, among other extras.



The Sole Fitness SB700 is certainly one of the spinning bikes on the market today. It is a high quality indoor exercise bike for anybody who wants to take aerobic exercises to the next level. It is the best indoor training bike for you if you want to lose weight and keep your heart rate high in order to improve blood circulation in your body, which is in return associated with many health benefits.


The bike is also reasonably priced and is very ideal for light commercial as well as home use. In addition, it features an integrated console which displays real-time workout metrics that are meant to help users monitor time, RPM, Kcal , speed, and distance. This ensures the users can easily achieve optimal results because they are able to monitor all the important aspects affect effective workouts.

Essentially, the Sole Fitness SB700 Indoor Training Bike is one of the best indoor cycling bikes for helping you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. This is one of the most detailed Sole SB700 reviews, which is also very informative. I hope it has helped you make an informed decision when it comes to buying an indoor training bike.

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