Stamina Avari Easy Glide Rowing Machine Review


Stamina Avari Easy Glide Rowing Machine Review

The Stamina Avari Easy Glide Rowing Machine is a good little addition you can have to add to your workouts. The rowing machine allows you to achieve near perfect rowing movements. The dozen resistance levels and the durable frame provides a good workout all throughout the day. With the added easy glide design, any rowing movement is done seamlessly. This rower made it to one of our top picks of the best rowing machine for this year.



  • Big Seat To Give Good Range Of Motion
  • Monitor is nicely designed with fitness stats
  • 12 Resistance Levels for easy and tough workouts.
  • Strong iate rial for all straps for durable workouts
  • Padding for a comfortable fit

The Good

– Different Workout Intensity

When you’re working out, it an be tough to have to rely on a machine that doesn’t give you different resistance levels. This machine provides you with 12 different resistance levels to help you workout effectively any time you want. You don’t need to add weights to fix anything just to make the workouts more difficult. This great machine allows you to change the strength difficulty easily almost with the push of a button. It is strong and capable of giving you a strong workout whenever you want.

– Beautifully Designed Monitor

The monitor is right in the front of the rower, and it is nicely crafted to showcase to you all the stats that you need to know to get the most out of your workout. This is an effective and good way to get yourself started to knowing how many strokes you have done, calories burned, and other vital statistics to help you lose as much weight as. possible. The monitor is very well designed, and it should help you know what to work on the next time you workout.


– Extremely Strong Resistance

This rowing machine provides you with all the strong resistance that you will ever need. The resistance is strong, simple, and really works your body. Plenty of people love how you can workout so effectively when using this system. The machine is super reliable, and it can help you workout in a very effective way to get the most resistance. The highest level is not only heavy, but it is really tough to do, and it can be perfect to do if you want to get the complete workout.

– Full Range Of Motion

The rower is very well designed to provide for you a full range of motion when working out. Your feet aren’t stuck in some random place with your lower body in a rut. You get a full range of movement so you can work your back and arms effectively. The oversized rail for the seat is what helps give this type of movement. It can almost conform to your body, and the additional padding feels perfect for anybody who wants the added comfort. Nothing is worse than working out knowing that your body is feeling stale and not reaching its fullest potential.

– Foot Plates

The foot plates are very large. There is an additional hoop closure in the nylon foot that is completely adjustable to give you that secure fit when you’re working out. It is not only comfortable, but it makes it so much easier for you as you are working out. It is very difficult for some people to have their feet taken cared of in their rowing machines, but this additional fit feature makes it easy on you.

– Floor protector

There are floor protectors that help safeguard the area and prevent skidding when you step outside of the machine. The protector is very good for keeping you safe.

– Easy To Use

Once it is all assembled, you don’t have to worry about trying to find the handles or making it work. Unlike other machines that have so many features, you end up forgetting how they even work. You get confused because the machines just don’t seem to function normally, and you need a thick book to get the gist of the machine. THIS rower is simple, and can be started using almost right away.


The Bad

– It can’t carry much weight

If you are over 250 pounds, you may not be able to use this machine effectively since there is a maximum weight limit. If you a bit on the heavy side, this can’t be used just yet. You will have to lose some weight and be within the limit before you ever step foot on this machine, but this is completely fine since you do want to be in a bit more shape before lifting weights.

– Slight Resistance Changes

You need to know that one or two levels may not feel so significant. While the hardest level of resistance is really tough, the first two or three resistance levels may not be so different for most of you. If you are ready for a good workout, just head upwards to a higher level of working out. This shouldn’t be a problem for some of you who are working out and simply want to work on your body effectively and will go straight to the hardest resistance level.


The Verdict

Is this worth buying? It is a great machine that provides top of the line rowing movements for your workout. If you need something that works your entire body and provides you a good workout, you can be sure that this rower can do this. It is very simple to use, and the durable frame allows it to last for a long time.

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