Swissgear GA-7316-06F00 Ibex 17 inch Laptop Backpack Review


Swissgear GA-7316-06F00 Ibex 17 inch Laptop Backpack Review

Swissgear Ibex 17″ laptop bag is merely a large backpack laptop case you would have never experienced. Made by Wenger a manufacturer of the leading Swiss army knives, this laptop bag looks very stylish and also it gives you a pleasant appeal. They can comfortably fit in laptop sizes up to 17 inches and also they are capable of holding up two 15.4″ laptops without any difficulty. A very lightweight case you will certainly enjoy carrying it behind you. Continue reading the review to know more about this laptop bag.


The Swissgear Ibex Laptop Backpack (Product Code: GA-7316-06F00) is undoubtedly the largest bag with lots and lots of storage space. Made from a fine quality material they are built to last long as much as possible. It might seem smaller at the very first look but you will be obliged to surprise for its wide space. You will never feel the bag hefty even in case you put up a lot of things in it. They are much portable and you will be convenient having them on your shoulders. The laptop compartment is well padded and they are safe to carry a 17” widescreen laptop. It not only carries a laptop but they also provide space for a couple of notebooks, two folders, power supplies, leads, etc. The zips are very strong and also stays smooth to the touch. It has a CaseBase Stabilizing Platform at the base helping your bag stand stable and thus the things inside are at its place.


Storage is no more difficult as this GA-7316-06F00 Ibex 17 inch Laptop Backpack has a number of compartments and even small pouches for storage. There are three main pockets inside and also there is a small front pocket that holds up all your necessary accessories and gadgets. The Comp-u-Flex laptop compartment is capable of holding a 17” widescreen laptop and this well padded section ensures safety even when you drop them behind. There are two mesh pockets side by side for keeping water bottles and finally you have a small padded pouch on the top of the bag with a hole for headphone cable. This quik pocket allows you to hold an iPod or MP3 player, whereby you can easily take them out when you are travelling around.

Air-Flow Backpack:

The air-flow back padding is amazing and well padded as it allows an air flow at your back even when the bag is loaded heavily. It helps you much in keeping your back cool and so you will be free from sweat.

Carry Handles & Shoulder Straps:

The carry handles are made of a steel cable encapsulated with a plastic sheath and again this case is surrounded by a comfortable handle. They are very comfortable to use with but even then this bag is more comfortable to carry with your shoulders. The shock absorb shoulder straps are also well padded as it helps in distributing the weight uniformly. And hence you will feel it very comfortable carrying them around. When you are using the carry handles this bag may seem quite heavy but when it comes to shoulders they are much light and does the job for you.


The Swissgear Ibex 17 Inch Laptop Backpack is more suitable for the one who does need a lot of storage space for storing all accessories on their way. Some might have only lesser things to carry with them and they actually do not need these much space for storage. In such a case a smaller bag is more than enough. With the well padded sections you need not worry slipping them down. You will never feel them heavy because it well fits your shoulders without hanging below. Though they seem expensive it is worth paying for the quality that it has.

Swissgear GA-7316-06F00 Laptop Bag – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Swissgear
Model Name Swissgear Ibex 17” Laptop Backpack
Product Code GA-7316-06F00
Available Colours Blue with Grey
Capacity to hold Up to 17″ Laptops
Exterior Dimension 38.1 x 25.4 x 48.3
Padding Yes
Lightweight Yes
Highlight features Large storage space with quick pocket
CaseBase Stabilizing Platform
Air-Flow Backpack
Shock Absorb Shoulder straps
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