The Best of Sewing Machine for Beginners


The Best of Sewing Machine for Beginners

If you are interested in learning how to sew and how to enhance your stitching skills, you will find number of sewing machines that offer the best possible solution for the learners. You must clear in your mind that what kind of sewing machine you should buy. For beginners, a simple machine with simple-to-use features is the perfect choice to learn sewing. Beginners may find difficulty in using the sewing machine with a lot of stitches and other complex features. So, it is better to always look for the user-friendly machine that helps beginners to learn how to make quilts or simple clothing. The portable and flexible sewing machine for beginners has the ability to maximize your potential and improve your capability to sew more perfectly and effortlessly.

When we go out to buy a sewing machine for beginners, we need to consider several things in mind. Some people get easily attracted to the designs of the machine. They put main attention on its appearance. But, you need to keep in mind your exact needs as well as which type of stitching you like to learn or to do as the future projects. For the safe and simple sewing lessons, you must search for entry level machine. Several things need to be taken into account when you go to shop for a sewing machine for beginners. Do not forget to pick a machine that ensures to meet your needs and that best suits you.

Consider these points to find the perfect sewing machine for you


Future Planning on buying a machine

Before making any final purchase, you must consider your future priority. Like, if you are planning to buy a sewing machine for beginners, you must be clear in your mind about your future projects. Your purchase must depend on whether your future projects include any kind of embroidery or stitching of heavy fabrics or creating the quilts or just want to use this product for the clothing alteration or others. You require purchasing a sewing machine that best suits your future needs. Make sure that the machine which you are going to purchase has the ability to fulfill your needs that may arise in the coming years.

The weight of the machine

These days number of brands offer an array of sewing machine for beginners which are light weight or heavy and portable too. It means you can easily move the machine from one place to another using its carry handle. If you are planning to buy a machine for kids, buying a lightweight machine would be right for you. If you are buying a machine for heavy fabrics like leather or denim, you must take the heavyweight machine at your home.

Type of a sewing machine

You can purchase mechanical or computerized sewing machine for beginners based on your preferences. Although both have their own advantages and disadvantages, still many people choose mechanical while some prefer computerized machine. If you like to do all types of sewing with your own creativity, then the mechanical sewing machine is best for you. For automatic stitching and other settings required for sewing, computerized machine is the best choice.


You must consider buying a sewing machine for beginners, based on your affordable budget. Always try to select the one that not only fulfills all your requirements, but also comes in your budget too. Never make a purchase out of your limited budget.


For enjoying long lasting quality and high performance of your chosen sewing machine, you must check the machine warranty, repair centers and the available parts of the machine. Before buying it, make sure to check all these details to avoid any hassle in the future. Always make a valuable purchase.

Top Brands of Sewing Machine for Beginners

Several brands are available in the market that offers a range of sewing machine for beginners or for intermediate learners. Such machines are best to avoid any kind of fluff or complex specifications that can be hard to use for beginners. Among the best brands of sewing machines for beginners – Brother, Janome and Singer are counted in the top list.

These three brands have gained highly positive reviews from the users of their manufactured sewing machines. Their products are highly appreciable in different corners of the world. They offer variety of sewing machines for beginners and experts as well. Below you will get to know the valuable information about Brother, Janome and Singer sewing machine for beginners.


Brother has gained a reputation for providing innovative sewing products for home and commercial use. The first sewing machine was introduced in 1932. The company realized the need of a sewing machine in every home, therefore, also started manufacturing the machinery of these machines by its own. Over the years of hard work, now it is a leading supplier of a range of home sewing and embroidery products across the globe. The company is worldwide famous for its quality, durability and reliable sewing machine for beginners. It offers easy to use and trustworthy products at much reasonable prices. It offers you a chance to make your own style with creative ideas and designs for quilts, embroidery, clothing stitching and all.



Janome has been a sewing machine manufacturer since the 1920s. It offers wonderful collection of sewing machines for skilled sewers and beginners. Janome is famous for its innovative sewing machine for beginners that make the stitching process easy and precise. It offers a huge line of elegant and easy to access products for creating beautiful clothing and quilts. The supreme stitch quality helps in encouraging beginners to get the desired results by applying more creative ideas to the stitching. The company committed to provide the easiest to use a sewing machine for beginners. Their main aim is to make beginners able to learn sewing with the help of modern machines designed with a lot of cool features.


The singer is one of the leading sellers of domestic and artisan sewing machines around the world. The single is worldwide known for its best quality products. Among the other sewing machine brands, Singer is taken as the most treatable and recognizable brand by the most of the worldwide women. The singer has discovered the world’s first highly portable sewing machine, first zigzag machine as well as is also in the first position to introduce the first automatic sewing machine. The company provides simple and easy to use sewing machine for beginners that can be used for a number of home sewing purposes. You can perform clothing construction, home decor projects, quilting and several other sewing projects for your daily use and for your profession too.

Top 7 Sewing Machine for Beginners

Here, you will find few sewing machines for beginners offered by different brands. They can be bought from Amazon at the most competitive prices.

Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine


The CS6000i has number of sewing and quilting features that make it a perfect choice for those who want one stop way for all different types of their sewing needs. This sewing machine is highly flexible and offers the best solution for a variety of sewing and quilting projects. It provides the facility to adjust different types of stitches you require as well as the length and width of the stitch. The settings can be adjusted with the help of LCD display. You can even adjust the speed of sewing by controlling the speed with the speed adjustable button.

Brother CS6000i sewing machine for beginners can be bought at much affordable price. The 60 built-in sewing stitches, 7 different styles of buttonholes, detachable table for sewing purpose, hard carry case and many other features make this sewing machine a perfect option for you. The design of this machine is created by keeping in mind the exact needs of the users. This machine has easy to use features that help in making your sewing projects easier and comfortable. They include highly visible LCD display, easy to understand threading diagrams, easy bobbin winding, automatic needle threader and adjustable sewing control.

You can even use super bright area of the machine which is extremely able to see when you work on dark fabrics. The built-in free arm provides an easy way to sew sleeves, cuffs, and any kind of small cylinder stuff. The numerous automatic and advanced features enable you to perform decorative stitches and also enable you to enjoy your sewing experience.

No matter if you are a beginner and do not have much knowledge about sewing. This machine from brother brand helps you to create quilts with great ease and comfort. The oversized table gives extra space to make your sewing process easier for large quilting projects. The quilting guide helps you to learn how to use the walking foot and quilting foot for the perfect quilting stitches. You can make wonderful quilts for your family and friends. Just design and sew your clothes by your own.

This sewing machine for beginners makes a fashion statement. It helps to make you able to enjoy each sewing project with the easy to follow instructions given in English and Spanish language. You can start your first project without wasting any time with the help of the quick start guide printed on this sewing machine.

Brother XL2600I Sewing Machine


This affordable sewing machine is perfect for the beginners who have just started learning sewing. This machine offers easy to learn and easy to use features that make it a perfect choice for several sewists. The sewing machine for beginners provides 25 built-in stitches including various decorative stitches. It is ideal for normal sewing projects and enables beginners to use a range of stitch functions to improve their sewing skills. It is a free arm machine that provides extra storage space to keep the related accessories.

You will get five different presser feet, including zipper foot, blind stitch foot, buttonhole foot, button fitting foot and narrow hemmer foot. The user manual in English and Spanish language helps you in making your sewing projects more easy and simple to follow. The machine offers numerous features that make it an ideal choice for beginners. These features include needle threader, thread cutter, drop-in bobbin, 1-step auto-size buttonholes and many more. It can be operated with foot pedal and also ease your task of sewing by providing the facility of light bulb for workspace enlightenment. If you have the support of 120V AC without voltage adapter, you consider buying this sewing machine for beginners.

The instructions given in the manual help you learn how to start from basic setup and to enhance your sewing experience. You will also get to know how to handle custom-sized buttonholes. This machine is perfect for the daily home sewing projects such as alteration, quilting, crafting, normal stitching of clothing, etc. It is designed in such a way so that your daily sewing can become quicker, easier and more enjoyable. You will also get 25 years warranty and free telephonic support.

You can select any stitch based on your needs and choice with the help of a stitch selection dial. The available threading diagram and automatic needle threader enable you to enjoy easy threading system. You can make threading more appropriate. For beginners, it can be little difficult in the beginning, but with the practice you will become expert of it. The easy bobbin winding and built-in free arm to sew cuffs, sleeves and small clothing are more additional outstanding features of this sewing machine.

You must consider this cost effective sewing machine for beginners for fast, easy and reliable sewing experience. Add style to your personality by creating clothing for you and your family with the range of available stitches features.

SINGER 4423 Sewing Machine


This sewing machine from Singer brand has an interior frame made of durable metal and bedplate made of solid stainless steel. Its strong structure ensures to provide you the long lasting solution for all your sewing needs. It has high sewing speed and powerful motor that makes it an ideal selection for creating wonderful clothing and other related issues. The machine has the ability to carry out 1000 stitches per minute. Thus, giving you a facility to make your sewing hobby as a profession by obtaining much faster results. This professional speed gives you a facility to create beautiful clothing in much less time.

This sewing machine for beginners offers 23 built-in stitches that make you able to perform a number of decorative stitches as well. It also provides 1 automatic four step buttonhole, automatic needle threader as well as a drop-in bobbin system. The automatic needle threader acts as the major timesaver for sewing process. The thousand types of stitches allow you to use your creative ideas to make beautiful clothing for you and your family. The easy in and out bobbin helps you to execute quicker threading with the help of clear view cover.

In free arm accessory storage tray, you will find zipper foot, buttonhole foot, 3 spool caps, spool pin felt, quilting guide, button sewing foot, soft dust cover and many other essential things. You can also adjust the needle tension in order to get quality stitches on any fabric. To change the tension as per your sewing project settings.

This heavy duty sewing machine is perfect for continuing work for the longest time. Whether you want to make any kind of alteration or want to start a new sewing project, this easy to use machine makes your each sewing work simple and effortless. You will not find any difficulty in performing any kind of stitching task as the manual guide will help you to great extent in learning how to access it properly and effectively. You can even transport it easily with the help of built-in carry handle. You can even easily mount the machine into a cabinet.

You will get 25 years of warranty on sewing machine, 2 year warranty on electrical and 90-days warranty on labor. This machine can be used for commercial and household use. The machine support 110V AC, therefore, is only suitable for the users residing in the United States and Canada.

SINGER 7258 Computerized Sewing Machine


If you are looking for an affordable computerized sewing machine for beginners, you must consider this product from Singer brand to ease your sewing work. This machine offers 100 built-in stitches to enable you to perform a variety of stitches for different sewing projects. Whether you want to sew quilts, clothing, heirloom or any kind of crafting and decorative sewing, you will get all such solution in one single sewing machine. It is available at much reasonable prices, thus gives you an affordable option to enjoy learning different sewing ideas.

This sewing machine has a heavy duty metal frame that ensures not to skip any stitches and makes you able to execute a stitching project with more perfection and accuracy. The automatic needle threader helps in making easy to use and easy to follow threading system. The machine also provides LED display screen to check the length & width settings of the stitches. You can even adjust these settings for ultimate creativity of sewing a wonderful piece. The machine also has top drop-in bobbin structure with easy to view cover. You can easily adjust the maximum sewing speed based on the needs of your project as well as also carry out the sewing work without the foot pedal with the help of the electronic auto pilot facility.

The threading instructions given on the machine makes it easy for you to perform the threading from the spool to the eye of needle in just 6 seconds. This sewing machine for beginners is considered as the biggest time saver. The automatic tension ensures to experience the quality stitch on any kind of fabric. The 10 presser feet provide all possible tools to fulfill your all types of sewing and quilting needs. The LED light enables you to see even in dark colors and work effectively even for long hours without heating up. You can also choose the one from 6 dissimilar one-step buttonhole styles. You can also create long side buttonhole of your choice.

The speed can be controlled by start and stop button, and with a speed control lever.  The needle can be programmed up and down that let it stops when fabric is needed to remove from the machine and when pivoting and quilting is required.

You just need to follow the easy to understand quick start guide and start using this sewing machine for beginners with great ease. Even the DVD helps you to get the tutorial on how to start sewing with this machine.

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine


Janome offers a wide range of affordable sewing machine for beginners to ease their learning process and to perform each sewing and quilting project with great efficiency. The 12 built-in stitches provide you a facility to select your desired stitch and add a fashion statement to your sewing project. You can even adjust the stitch length and width with the adjustable stitch controller. Such type of adjustment ensures ease your sewing task and gives you more ideas. This sewing machine offers a variety of features that help you to use the machine with great ease and comfort.

This machine supports only 110-volt, therefore, can only be used in the country where such voltage is easily available without using any adapter. Only United States come in this category. The machine has lightweight and unsurpassed stitch quality that makes it a perfect choice for beginners as well as for those who do not want a product with lots of features. This machine is not too complicated as compared to other similar products and is good for young learners. It is a best solution to get familiar with the basics of sewing without using any complex features or tools. The detailed instruction manual for guidance helps you in accessing the machine easily.

The features include front loading bobbin, drop feed control, manual tension control, folding carry handle, built-in thread cutter, vertical spool pins, presser feet and drop feed dog. You can get started with the help of few accessories available with the machine. These include foot control, zipper foot, bobbin, small crew driver, needles and others. The exceptional features such as free arm and drop feed helps in making this machine more flexible for almost all types of sewing. This product also has an adjustable sewing speed of nearly 850 stitches in a minute.

If you are looking for a simple sewing machine for beginners without too much of fluffs, you must look for this product offered by Janome. You can easily tackle a variety of simple sewing projects. You can start your learning process with simple projects such as clothing, crafting or household linens. It is a wonderful entry level machine for beginners who want to buy a most basic sewing machine.

Janome 11706 Hello Kitty Sewing Machine

This product from the Janome is perfect for those who do not like a sewing machine with a lot of fluff. Even the beginners can consider it when planning to buy a sewing machine with very basic features. This sewing machine for beginners has 11 built-in stitches that allow you to sew with your chosen stitch. The 4-step buttonhole is perfect for all types of fabrics. This machine has the ability to perform heavy duty sewing projects with great ease. You can even place the required accessory or tools in the extra storage area of the machine.

The free arm sewing machine is considered as the ideal selection for the beginning of learning sewing designs. The machine is highly portable and can easily be transported using the carry handle. The additional 2 stretch stitches help in making you stitching more creative designs with your own ideas. This simple and easy to use sewing machine offered by Janome is well known for its quality and durability. Thus, giving you the greatest choice to select from the plenty of similar available products. You can eliminate the feeling of boredom by taking this machine at your home and utilize your time with your creativity.

The hello kitty sewing machine has features that include thread tension control, high presser foot lift, automatic bobbin winder, thread cutter, horizontal spool pin, reverse stitch level, foot controller and others. The machine helps you to stitch your own clothes, helps you to repair the torn or broken clothes and helps you to earn a living with a small home sewing business. You will get limited 5 year warranty.

For beginners to practice the different stitches and learn how to sew with different creative ideas, this sewing machine would be the great choice for them. You can choose this machine for your kids to learn sewing quickly. It completely fits the needs of kids and ensures to make their work more fun and pleasurable. It is always good for little girls to learn something rather than wasting their time in watching TV and playing video games. The main purpose of introducing this 3/4 size sewing machine for beginners by Janome is to offer the easy learning way.

You must pick it for your girl when she wants to learn something new. It is advisable to ask for her opinion and gift her valuable product at a much cheaper price.

Janome Jem Gold 660 Lightweight Sewing Machine



This product of Janome is highly durable and portable sewing machine that offers great quality and easy learning method for the beginners. The jam proof drop-in bobbin makes you able to perform your stitching task with more efficiency and accuracy. This machine is very lightweight and can be moved from one place to another with great ease using carry handle. It weighs only 12 pounds, thus gives you a great way to enjoy sewing your clothes and quilting.

This sewing machine for beginners offers 8 different types of stitch styles including 2 stretch stitches and one built-in buttonhole. The quality and durability of this machine make it an ideal choice for the first time sewer. You can even use this simple machine as a quilting machine to create the beautiful quilts and gain the appreciation from others. The extendable table is available to make your sewing more comfortable and stress-free. The exclusive features of this machine include automatic built-in needle threader to avoid any kind of strain on your eyes, one hand thread cutter to cut the thread tails in a single swift motion.

It also includes a number of accessories to ease your task of stitches. These standard accessories include a set of needles, 3 bobbins, transparent buttonhole foot, one screwdriver, seam ripper and others. This machine can be easily fitted with any simple stitching needs. You can learn several stitching settings by using this easy to use sewing machine.

The machine also holds the magnetic type horizontal complete rotary hook. It also has fully revolving selector dial that helps you to select the stitch of your choice without any hassle. The other additional features include a presser foot lifter, conceal the tension dial which is used for easy threading control. It is definitely worth to take this sewing machine at your home and enhance your home style too.

This sewing machine for beginners offers a 25 year warranty on mechanical, 5 year warranty on electronics and 1 year warranty on labor. If you want to buy a machine within your budget that provides you an ability to get familiar with the basics of stitching, you can consider this product of Janome.


This article simply provides the information about some top sewing machine brands and what to consider when buying the best sewing machine for beginners. You will also get a valuable information about few portable and reliable sewing machines offered by Brother, Singer and Janome. It helps beginners to make their own clothes and make customized fashion statements.

When you put all the valuable points together, you will get to know the importance of getting a perfect sewing machine for you or your kids. The readers are advised to provide their opinions regarding the above given details of range of sewing machine for beginners. Your views would be highly appreciable and will help others who are looking to buy a machine that enables them to work on various sewing and quilting projects effectively. Just help them in picking the best choice.

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