Tippitoes Spark Stroller Review


Tippitoes Spark Stroller Review

The brand Tippitoes has almost made it a philosophy to roll out super strollers and its brand new Spark is no real exception. Taking a leaf out of the EZE Pushchair, the Spark stroller sticks to the trend of affordable quality which goes hand in hand with the price. An eye grabbing design makes manoeuvring the stroller even more satisfying. Like the Tippitoes Max Viz Stroller, another popular stroller in its line up, the Spark is laden with features that go a long way in enhancing the comfort level of your baby. When most strollers available on the market make manoeuvring a nightmare, the Spark is a cut above the rest with its build quality. The following review should help you know more about its design and performance before you go for one.

Umbrella stroller:

The Tippitoes Spark Stroller, design wise is an umbrella stroller and reclines enough to let your baby lie down as flat as possible. If the baby is not prepared to hold his/her neck steady, it does require more of head and neck support. By the time, your baby is about 6-9 months old, guess who will be his/her best friend? You got it right, the smart Spark Stroller!


tippitoes-spark-stroller-review-2With stroller manufacturers the world over putting a lot of emphasis on weight, the Tippitoes Spark Stroller weighs only 7kg which is more or less the same as that of the ST1 or the Max line of strollers. If weight is one thing, manoeuvrability is a different piece of cake altogether (more on that in the following sections). Coming to the aesthetic features of the stroller, it looks pretty stylish in two colour combination, namely black & white (product code: PE1) and brown & white (product code: PE2). In fact it looks far better in real life than in the image on the website. We liked the PE1 in particular which boasts a stunning black and white circle design and has attracted a lot of customer comments as well!

Frame: The lighter weight of the stroller may translate into improved steering more often than not, but that also depends on the overall build quality of the stroller frame, which in this case is good. The frame of the stroller is made of steel which makes it a durable travel system. The Spark stroller is suitable for use right from birth. It is built to hold weight of up to 20kg.

Folding is a breeze: Easy to fold and unfold, this stroller as it is an umbrella type can go into most car boots, in limited closet space or public transportation in the folded state. The open and folded dimensions of the stroller are 107cm (H) x 51cm (W) x 87cm (L) and 37cm (H) x 33cm (W) x 1.07cm (L) respectively. It takes a few goes to get used to folding and unfolding the stroller, but it will only get easier with each attempt.

Handle: Though the manufacturer does not specify the actual height of the handle in the stroller, we found the carry handle to be pretty higher than most of the strollers on the high street. This is good news if you are built tall, as you do not need to lean on the stroller and this allows you to find your own balance. The handles should also give you a good grip while pushing the stroller over long distances, thanks to the soft grip foam handles, which is also perfect for colder winter mornings. All you need to make sure is that you do not overload the handles with shopping, lest you do not tip it over.

Wheel system:

As some of its predecessors, the wheel system of the Spark Stroller is nothing short of reliability. The swivel wheels on the front are lockable which makes it much easier to steer and this means it can be locked into place for long distance. As conventional wisdom would have it, the front wheels of the stroller are built with a suspension system and the result – smooth and comfortable ride for your little one. Besides, it does the job of making rough terrains smooth to nicety. A set of parking brakes that are foot operated helps keep the stroller from moving when it is not in use (if you decide not to fold it up for storage).

Multi Reclining Backrest:

The Tippitoes Spark Umbrella stroller is built with 3 recline positions that all work independently in forward and backward facing modes. And here is a stroller that boasts 180-degree lie-flat seat, a boon for a newborn as even experts claim that this sort of construction would help in your baby’s spinal development as he/she is ought to lie completely flat. There is also an adjustable calf rest with 2 position calf support for snoozing on the move. Another impressive feature is the 5-point safety harness that helps secure the baby safely and is way better than 3-point safety harness or just waist strap, courtesy its design to secure the upper body perfectly. When the baby is not in the stroller, you can carry the Spark over a shoulder with the help of the built-in carry strap.

Fabric: The fabric can be cleaned up easily using warm water and mild detergent. Drying off using a clean, soft cloth and leaving it open in a warm environment for a while will ensure long life of the fabric.


Accessories included:

Shopping Basket: The generously sized mesh shopping  basket is a nice inclusion as this is all you need so as to place a bag of shopping within it. The basket is pretty sturdy and the fact that it is placed relatively high on the stroller’s frame leaves you no chances for it dragging on the ground while you push the stroller, even when you place heavy items in the shopping basket.

Adjustable hood: We love the hood/sun canopy directly fitted to the stroller’s seat which provides the child maximum protection against the elements. Construction wise, the hood is pretty long and can be adjusted to suit various positions. And there is the lightweight rain cover that could cover both the front and the back of the stroller and should be one of the best you have used.

Quality Standards:

The Spark Stroller has been tested to BS 7409:1996 quality standards with the D rings certified to BS 6684 standards.


Finalist of the ‘Practical Parenting & Pregnancy’ Awards 2010/2011, the pushchair is easy to get on/off the bus and prides itself for its great looks. The drawstring reclining mechanism has done justice to the overall comfort and safety of the pushchair. The stroller is lightweight, but not to the extent that you will be worried about it tipping over!

Tippitoes Spark Stroller – Product Specification Table

Manufacturer/Brand Tippitoes
Model Name Tippitoes Spark Stroller
Type of pushchair Umbrella Stroller
Suitable age to use Newborn+
Lightweight Yes
Load Capacity 20kg
Weight 7kg
Available Colours (with product code) Black & white (code: PE1), brown & white (code: PE2)
Construction Steel
Folding System Umbrella fold
Dimensions Open: 107cm (H) x 51cm (W) x 87cm (L)
Folded: 37cm (H) x 33cm (W) x 1.07cm (L)
Handles Sponge grip
Number of twin wheels 4
Swivel wheels Yes (Lockable front)
Suspension system Front wheel suspension
Brakes Parking brakes (Foot operated)
Number of recline positions 3 (forward & backward)
2 calf positions
Lie flat position
5-point safety harness system Yes
Carry straps Yes
Fabric/Seat pad Washable
Shopping Basket Yes
Hood/ Sun canopy Yes
Raincover Yes
Footmuff No
Quality Standards BS 7409:1996; Rings: BS 6684
Awards Finalist – ‘Practical Parenting & Pregnancy’ Awards 2010/2011
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