TRESemme 3038U Salon Professional Hot Rollers Review


TRESemme 3038U Salon Professional Hot Rollers Review

Hair curling might be considered a grueling task for some, but it doesn’t have to be anymore. We can wave goodbye to burnt hair, burnt fingers, limp curls and curls that don’t even last on your way to the car, with the TRESemme 3038U Salon Professional Hot Rollers.


  • Comes with 5 extra large-sized flock rollers
  • Comes with 5 clips and 5 pins
  • High heat performance
  • Three year guarantee

TRESemme 3038U Salon Professional Hot Rollers

These rollers give users exactly what they have been looking for – great looking curls that really last. The TRESemme 3038U Rollers give a user great looking curls with bounce that are frizz-free and high shine.

This set comes with 5 extra-large rollers, designed to give volume and body to any hair type. These rollers are flocked and designed to leave you with curls that not only last, but are high in shine and low in frizz. The curls that result from these rollers are thus ultra-smooth.

What keeps these curls long lasting is the device’s high heat performance. The rollers heat up quickly and blast your hair with enough heat to keep the curls from falling out throughout the day.

The five pins included in this set help keep the rollers in place. This way, you can walk around the house and do other tasks while waiting for your hair to set. The TRESemme 3038U Salon Professional Hot Rollers also comes equipped with 5 styling clips to help in parting and sectioning hair while curling.

Customer Reviews

Most customers who have reviewed this unit are satisfied with its performance. The unit does as is advertised, and gives big, bouncy curls that last in a matter of minutes. The rollers heat up quickly, as stated, and do not slide from your hair with the help of the metal pins.

The TRESemme 3038U Salon Professional Hot Rollers has been reviewed by 69 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 3.8 stars out of 5.0.

“I bought these rollers from Amazon for Xmas and have used them constantly ever since.They heat up in the time it takes me to have a shower in the morning, are easy to use and give my hair a boost in between washing. I recommended them to a friend who has also been very pleased with them.”

Jazz, Amazon Customer Review

“I bought this product almost a month ago since then I am using it almost everyday. I set it on first thing in the morning, it is ready to use in 10-15 min, cools down in another 15 min, then my hair is ready. Many people are asking what I changed about my hair. Excellent results!”

Selin, Amazon Customer Review



  • Customers love the big, bouncy curls that result from the TRESemme 3038U Salon Professional Hot Rollers.
  • The rollers do not tug or pull on your hair when it’s time to take them out.
  • They heat up quickly, which is important in the case of last minute fix-ups.


  • The extra-large size of these rollers means that your hair needs to be of a slightly longer length in order to be used.


The TRESemme 3038U Salon Professional Hot Rollers is a practical buy for anybody looking for a great set of rollers to give their long hair big and bouncy curls that are without frizz and high in shine.

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