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TrimMaster B1053 Programmable Exercise Bike Review

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TrimMaster has won the confidence of the consumers with their reliable service and dependability. Equipments from them have been renowned for their simplicity, sturdiness and smoothness in operation. TrimMaster is reputed for timely delivery to markets in Europe, Middle East and Australia. Exercise bikes are apt for cardio exercises that help one burn calories very effectively. TrimMaster B1053 Programmable Exercise Bike is a sleek and simple model that efficiently performs. A closer look will throw light on its finer features

trimmaster-b1053-programmable-exercise-bikeThe Basics:

Dashing in blue and white combination, this exercise bike appears to be stylish and smart. Sharing a dimension of 86 centimetres in length, 143 in height and 58 in width it stands sleek and saves space too. With a weight of 35 kilograms this bike handsomely handles user weight to a maximum of 125 kilograms. This makes it very apt for the use of the entire family. The power is supplied from the mains. The brakes which are computer controlled have 16 levels of resistance. It assists in increasing the work out power thereby making it more effective and intensive. This exercise equipment is ideal for domestic purpose and TrimMaster allows the user to enjoy 2 years of warranty too.

The Console:

The console of the TrimMaster B1053 Exercise Bike with In-Built Body Fat Analyzer is a well defined LCD screen with a backlit. It displays information regarding the distance, the speed and the time taken. The RPM (revolutions per minute) and the calories burnt are simultaneously displayed in the console screen. The pulse rate can be read from the LCD too.

The Programmes:

The exercise equipment has 12 pre-set programmes that have workouts that are stored in its memory. There are 4 user defined programmes that allow individuals to customise it according to one’s choice. With 1 target watt programme and 5 HR controlled programmes, the exercise bike is not short on intensive workouts. Thus, with 22 different types of workouts the consumer can be sure of varied choices that keep the user motivated throughout.

The Ergonomic Features:

  • The exercise bike comes with an in-built body fat analyser that helps identify one’s body composition. This helps reveal what type of workout is the best and makes every session an effective one.
  • The pulse can be read with the help of grip pulse measurement. This is useful as it ensures effective workouts and makes it safe for the individual as well.
  • Wide pedals are provided for added comfort and protection.
  • The handle bars are adjustable making more room for comfort.
  • The exercise bike has been provided with a comfortable seat that snugly fits for every user.
  • Accessories like water bottle holder has been thoughtfully provided to ensure hassle free workouts that are happy and easy.

It can be said that TrimMaster B1053 LCD Screen Exercise Bike definitely fits the bill for both a beginner and an intensive user. Though simple it does not renounce either style or comfort. With varied programmes that are made available the bike motivates the user and creates a comfortable environment making it all the more valuable and productive.

TrimMaster B1053 Upright Exercise Bike – Product Specification Details

Manufacturer TrimMaster
Model Name B1053 Programmable Exercise Bike
Colour code Blue and white
Dimensions (l x w x h ) mm 860 x 580 x 1430 mm
Transport wheels Yes
Weight Product – 35 kilograms
User – 125 kilograms
Product features Computer controlled eddy current brakes
with 16 levels of resistance
In- built body fat analyser
Programmes 12 pre-set programmes
5 HR programmes
1 Watts workout
4 user defined workouts
Ergonomic features Grip pulse metre
Comfortable seat
Adjustable handle bars
Bottle holder
Wide pedals
Display unit LCD Screen with backlit
On display Time/ distance/ speed/ / rpm/ pulse/ effort and watts
Warranty 2years

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