Tunturi E60 Upright Exercise Bike Review


Tunturi E60 Upright Exercise Bike Review

Selling in over 40 countries Tunturi is a brand to reckon for. With a history that goes way back in time, this Finnish company enjoys its expertise from its earlier production of bikes. In the recent times where health has taken an important stance in life Tunturi turned their focus on fitness equipment.

Exercise bikes come very handy when one is in need of cardio vascular exercises or intensive aerobics in the comfort of one’s own home environment. And if the equipment is from the house of Tunturi one can be guaranteed of quality product which is of the latest technology and style. Tunturi E60 Ergometer Upright Exercise Bike uses superior materials and is specially hand crafted in Europe. With the state of art monitor display and a wide range of programmes to choose from, this exercise bike is a sure winner. Now let’s look into its finer details.

tunturi-e60-upright-exercise-bikeThe basics:

Ideally suited for home environment, this exercise machine is about 45 kilograms in weight. This makes it very sturdy and firm for intensive workouts too. The bike is well supported by strong frames. The equipment has a user capacity of 135 kgs. It stands tall and stylish with a length of 99 cms, width of 70 cms and height of 116 cms. With a beautiful slate grey coloured exterior the machine is easy to maintain.

The power is supplied from the mains. The power output of this E60 Fitness  equipment is 260 watts. It enjoys a transmission ratio of 1:9 with 14kgs of rotation mass. This enables the equipment to operate smoothly and silently as possible. There is no need for re calibration or maintenance due to the presence of electromagnetic brakes in the exercise bike. And in addition to the brakes there are multiple resistances that help in better training control. This results in a super smooth ride all the way with no unnecessary wear and tear.

About the display:

The advantage of Tunturi E60 Exercise Cycle has been its very sophisticated monitor. It is a 4 inches graphic fully coloured LCD screen with back light. In this state of art screen information regarding the time taken, the distance covered and at what speed is properly illustrated. In addition to this the calories that have been burnt and the watts or effort made in that particular exercise session is displayed. The heart rate is also indicated in the monitor. The entire console has 4 push buttons and a selection wheel for trouble free navigation of the programmes. The LCD display unit helps in recreating outdoor biking experience with its video effects. With the help of multi user register, the bike can store 20 different profiles of 20 different users. This helps greatly in quick start of the daily sessions and to know the progress made.

About the programmes:

With 120 programmes this exercise bike definitely makes biking indoor a pleasure. There are very few models that offer so much of variety and flexibility in the programmes. There are the usual quick start and manual programme. The constant effort and the constant HRC is included in the 120 programme menu. Along with 10 pre set menu, the race and multiple fitness test programme the rest of them are the user programmes that can be set individually according to preference and need.

  • With the help of the T-Scale programme the user can adjust the programme according to his individual need by the push of a button where the intensity of time and distance is modified according to the user’s requirement.
  • The T-Pulse programme is of great assistance as it automatically adjusts the workout to keep the set heart rate constant. This enables the user to optimize in cardio training.
  • Coming to the T-Ride programme it has to be mentioned that it is one of the kind, found especially only in Tunturi exercise bikes. The programme recreates a real life outdoor biking experience. As the user pedals faster one can see the video programme view too moving faster. It is perfectly synchronized adding to the effects and feel of the same.

About the ergonomic features:

Beautifully hand built, the exercise bikes come with “easy to step” frames. This gives the maximum benefit as it is designed for ease of use. The soft seat ensures good seating comfort for the user. The height of the seat and the tilt of the handle bars can be adjusted as per individual preference. With the help of the transport wheels it can be maneuvered easily and transported safely without a hassle. On the whole the Tunturi E60 Ergometer  Indoor Exercise Bike that is hand crafted has innovative features and user controls making this fitness equipment stand out in the crowd giving it full value for the money spent. And what is more, it comes with a 2 year guarantee on parts and labour cost if used only for domestic purpose.

Tunturi E60 Upright Exercise Bike – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Tunturi
Model Name E60 Ergo meter Exercise Bike
Transport wheels Yes
Colour code Slate grey
Dimensions Length – 99cms
Height – 116cms
Width – 70 cms
Weight User weight (Maximum): 135 kg
Product weight: 45 kg
Product Specifics Brakes – electromagnetic
Power supply – mains
Power output – 260 watts
Transmission ratio – 1:9
Rotating mass – 14 kgs
Programmes 120
Preset programmes 10
User programmes 100
Training modes Preset programmes/ user programmes/ manual/
quick start/ constant watt/ constant HR/ race/
multiple fitness test/ HR max limit/ T-Ride
HRC programme Yes with T-Pulse programme
Programme adjustable Yes with T-Scale programme
Display unit 4 inches graphic colour  LCD Screen with backlit
On display Time/ distance/ speed/ / calories burnt/efforts or watts /
heart rate/ programme in use/ 4 push buttons/
selection wheel/ 20 different profiles of 20 different users
Ergonomic features Low frame
Soft seat
Adjustable handle bars and seat height
Warranty 2 years on parts and labour [ only for domestic use ]
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