Ultrafit Racer 100 Exercise Bike Review


Ultrafit Racer 100 Exercise Bike Review

Ultrafit Racer 100 Upright Exercise Bike is a perfect addition to one’s fitness studio. These exercise bikes are simple yet effective and help one lose weight by cycling indoors. The advantage of cycling indoors help the user to avoid the pollution and the traffic snarls, it allows one to enjoy the entire workout watching one’s favourite movie or listening to the special playlist. As the name suggests, Ultrafit is specialised in the manufacture of fitness equipments. Their products are both affordable and of good utility value. A closer look into the bike will help understand the features better.

ultrafit-racer-100-exercise-bikeThe Basics:

In a classic shiny spray finish, Ultrafit Racer 100 Exercise cycle looks very smart and professional. It has been spray coated with neutral silver that matches well in any decor. It shares a dimension of 120 centimetres in height, 53 in width and 70 in length making it all the more compact and handy. The bike weighs about 25 kilograms but can comfortably handle a user weight of 100 kilograms. This allows the bike to be used by varied people making it apt for domestic use.

  • The bike has a 5 kilogram flywheel. This ensures the smoothest workout with minimum noise and jolts.
  • There are 8 resistance levels. This increases the friction level of the bike.

Thus, helps the user to increase the intensity of the workouts as per requirement so that he can get the best out of his regime.

The Design:

The frames are round and tubular in shape. Being tubular enables the machine to be light weight and portable. The lower frame is shaped ergonomically to maintain the balance. The front frame is fixed and makes it sturdy while exercising. The handles are shaped for optimal ease and convenience. The saddle is triangular in shape. This helps the user to snugly fit into the cycle for good seating comfort.

The Console:

The console is a multi-functional LCD. It is powered by 2 alkaline batteries. The information regarding the speed, the distance and time are displayed clearly. The console is situated conveniently between the handle bars for easy reading. The calories that are burnt per day in grams are indicated. This helps the user to have an idea on the intensity of the exercise and how effective it has been. The information can be stored up to 7 days so that a record could be maintained on the workouts for a week.

The Ergonomic Features:

  • The saddle is cushioned making it soft and comfortable for the user.
  • The height of the saddle is adjustable making it easier for different types of users and comfortable individually too.
  • The stability caps come along with the base frame to hold the fitness equipment firmly on the ground.
  • The pedals are slip resistant and straps too are included for added safety. This ensures that the user is absolutely safe and sound to enjoy his exercise to the maximum.
  • The handles are contoured making it easy to hold the bars and cycle effortlessly.
  • The handle bars are grip coated. This prevents accidental slippage due to sweat.
  • Bottle holder is provided so that the user can secure the water bottle safe yet out of the way and use it as and when required.

The exercise bike from Ultrafit is appealing to the eyes and effective too. The resistance level helps the bike to offer the best way to lose weight. The movements are pleasing as the bike is ergonomically designed and stable for superior comfort and workouts. This makes Ultrafit Racer 100 8-resistance level Exercise Bike useful and value for money.

Ultrafit Racer 100 Exercise Bike – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Ultrafit
Model Name Ultrafit Racer 100 Exercise Bike
Colour Silver
Weight 25 kilograms
Console specifics Large multi-functional LCD
Displays speed, time ,distance and calories burnt/day in grams
Product specifics 8 resistance levels
5 kilograms fly wheel
Ergonomic features Stability caps
Contoured with grip coated handle bars
Slip resistant pedals with straps
Height adjustable triangular saddle
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