Universal Power-Pak 445 Adjustable Dumbbells Review


Universal Power-Pak 445 Adjustable Dumbbells Review

In order to get a great workout, you need a great set of weights; but, what if you can eliminate 20 weights, down to one.

With this adjustable set, you can do just that. Not only is it going to go from 5 to 45 pounds, it is going to allow you to increase the weight in increments of 5 pounds, for a simple, seamless workout.

With a simple dial system, you can lock the weight in to place, and you are ready to go from one position to the next, with any workout that you are going to follow using the set.


With hard plastic exterior, these weights are extremely durable. So, even the toughest workout, when you are dropping the heavy weights on the ground, are not going to be an issue.

The central grip is also made with the same material, plus it has a grip handle, making it easy for anyone to use and to hold in their hands as they are working out. The dial system is also well built and meant to last, so users do not have to worry about dropping the weights.

Weight Range/ Increments

Universal power pak 445 adjustable dumbbells reviewThis is a great set for beginner lifters. It ranges from 5 to 45 pounds; like other systems, it has the simple dial system, and the weight amounts are going to jump by 5 pounds with each twist of the dial.

So, you can choose to increase by 5, or 35 pounds, and you decide based on the exercise that you are going to do. Once the dial is locked into place, the weight plates are locked in when you pull the dial out, to ensure safety and to ensure there will be no problem with the weight slipping out, and potential injury when the user is working out.

A simple to use twist mechanism, and the click will allow the user to know the weight is locked into place, and ready for them to lift, make it simple to use, as well as safe for anyone who is getting a hang of the weight set.

Ease of Changing Weight

There is virtually no effort required to change the weight when working out with this system. All the users have to do is turn the dial, and they are going to be ready to get started on the workout.

Depending on how much, or little weight you want to increase by, you can turn the dial counterclockwise, to increase by a higher amount. The ability to increase in increments of 5 pounds, also allows you to do virtually any exercise, and switch from back, legs, chest, or arms, with just a turn of the dial.

It is simple for anyone, even the novice who is just getting started with a new workout plan, and is looking for a weight that is going to allow them to do more than one exercise, with the same system.


The handle fits nicely into the user’s hands as well. It is a longer design style, and the red grip pad makes it fit comfortably in your hand, so you do not have to wear gloves when you are working out. With the plastic design, as opposed to steel or other metal, it is also quite comfortable in your hand, if you are working out with a higher weight amount as well.

It does provide an ergonomic grip design, so that anyone will appreciate the grip pads, and the design, and how it conforms to the users’ hands. It does not matter how big or small your hands are, you will find the grip handle comfortable, and easy to work with, when you are doing any exercise.

Universal Power-Pak 445 Adjustable Dumbbells with Stan

You can quickly switch from different exercises, and the grip design allows you to modify the grip in your hand, so that you can do more than one exercise, and go back and forth with different exercises, based on the type of workout that you are going to be doing.

Customer Reviews

Consumers love the fact that this weight set is a space saver. You are eliminating up to 9 weights, and putting them all in to one simple, easy to use adjustable weight.

So, you no longer need the long weight rack, and you can store the weight on the floor, in a corner, when it is not in use.

Another great feature is that you are going to receive a workout guide with your new weight set; this is great for beginners, and it is going to teach you a number of exercises.

It will walk you through a series of exercises you can do with the weight set, and it will walk you through the order in which to do the exercises, in order to ensure you are going to get the best possible workout each time you pick up the set.

Easy to Use!   Space Saver!   Free Workout Guide!

The smooth weight selection feature, and the dial system, is a great feature that consumers love. Older adjustable sets used to have a lock system, which required you to move a pin; this was not only a bit more dangerous, since the weights were loose, it was also harder to adjust.

But, with this newer dial system, all you have to do is twist to the right or left, in order to adjust to the weight class; and, you know when it is locked in to place, as you are going to hear the click to inform you that it is locked, and safe for you to lift the weight up.

With positive reviews, an ergonomic design, and 5 pound increment settings, this is a great new weight set for the beginner. It is cheaper than other top brands, which also makes it a choice that many will appreciate when they are choosing a new adjustable weight set to workout at their home or on the go.

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