Villaware BVVLDCSL01 Die Cast Metal Filter Coffee Maker Review


Villaware BVVLDCSL01 Die Cast Metal Filter Coffee Maker Review

Villaware, the brand of excellence has Italian heritage with high quality geometrical sculptured design and performance. The highlight of VillaWare products are the control knob which is an amber light knob that is been crafted ergonomically with maximum power control. Durability is one feature that gives extraordinary performance in the kitchen. The following is the review of Villaware BVVLDCSL01 Die Cast Metal Filter Coffee Maker which gives a better insight of the product performance and features.


This coffee maker gives a perfect blend and gives a better start of the day. It blends with the required strength of brew and makes it more versatile with its thermo vacuum system insulated carafe to maintain the freshness and warmth. Stylish is the finish of die cast aluminium and it does makes the compact size with 347mm, 198mm and 372mm while the weight is 4.87 kg. Villaware BVVLDCSL01 1.5 Litres Capacity Coffee Maker is a signature piece and is sure to become the piece of attraction for any homes.

Villaware BVVLDCSL01 Die Cast Metal Filter Coffee Maker

Control and Capacity:

The control knob is unique with all the models of this brand. It has few mode of operation denoted with symbols and are been chosen by the rotary movement. The decaf brew mode, brew mode are the selective mode for the preparation of the coffee. The cleaning mode and the pouring mode are the functions that make the maintenance simple. This model works best for the capacity of 1.5 litres which is about 10 cups. It does a great job for the family use and for a small gathering.

Putting it to use:

With a few simple steps this appliance can be put to use and as the first step one has to add water and the ground coffee by opening the lid. The permanent filter needs to be assembled and it can be plugged on. It allows you to choose the type of coffee that is been needed whether regular or decaffeinated coffee which is done by selected using the rotary knob.


  • Durable die cast metal body is not only an attractive feature of this model but it also makes a durable statement. It gives a sturdy and robust appearance which keeps going for years to come.
  • Vacuum insulated stainless steel carafe holds the coffee with its freshness along with the warmth for a longer period of time.
  • Fast brew technology makes no waiting time and it also provides coffee for about 10 cups which is impressive. The brew strength selection does give the advantage to choose on the preference.
  • Clear and removable water tank makes cleaning simple and it has also marking to denote the water capacity and hence planning for the right amount is possible.
  • Easy access brew chamber and stainless steel permanent filter are few other notable features that are been associated with this product.
  • Pause and serve function makes it easy for the user to pour as and when brewing is done. It reduces the waiting time and makes it easy for the user to extract the coffee as and when done.
  • Auto cleaning system and cord storage makes the storage solutions. These are generally the prime features that are looked by the customers and this model provides the same.

Accessories and Guarantee:

Tamping tool, cleaning tool, 1cup and 2 cup stainless steel filters are the accessories that are included along with the purchase of Villaware BVVLDCSL01 Automatic Coffee Maker. The guarantee provided is for 3 years and it is impressive.


Manufacturer Villaware
Model Name BVVLDCSL01 Die Cast Metal Filter Coffee Maker
Finish Die Cast Aluminium
Capacity 1.5 litres / 10 cups
Dimension 347 x 198 x 372mm
Weight 4.87 kg
Handle design Black soft touch carafe handle
Controls Manual
Water tank Easy fill and detachable
Features Durable die cast metal body
Vacuum insulated stainless steel carafe
Fast brew technology
Brew strength selection
Clear and removable water tank
Easy access brew chamber
Stainless steel permanent filter
Pause and serve
Auto cleaning system
Cord storage
Included accessories Tamping tool, cleaning tool, 1cup and 2 cup stainless steel filters
Guarantee 3 years
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