Vivo Pink Laptop Notebook Bag Review

Vivo Pink 17-inch Women Laptop Bag

Vivo Pink Laptop Notebook Bag Review

Vivo Pink 15 to 17- inch Laptop Bag is a medium sized notebook bag with attractive pink colour that gives feminine look. This pink colour notebook bag has special advantage when compared to other laptop bag and posses distinguished features. It is made with special rip proof material, which is a strong woven fabric and last better than leather.

When compared to leather, the rip proof material is very strong and does not loosen when you happened to carry extra peripherals and laptop related accessories. This material has a prominent attribute that differentiate it from normal leather bag or other neoprene fabric oriented laptop bag. Vivo has created it as a strong selling point and this rip proof material would not get dried up or ripped off soon even when it is employed with intense usage pattern.

Vivo Pink colour Laptop Notebook Bag

17 inch Laptop Bag:

When leather notebook bag or other fabric bag is used to carry heavy loads, it might get crease near the padded handle, shoulder strap and other place where it undergone severe weight tension. Vivo has built this 17 inch laptop bag with specialised material that does not easily get crease and it gives rich look even after many uses.

You could find this type of rip poof material used in luxurious branded car seats for rich look and last for longer life. With large inner space the laptop compartment accommodates up to 17 inch laptop and when 15 inch laptop used the organised divider inside provides extra space to carry power adaptor and disc box. The inner laptop compartment is fully padded and built with Velcro securing strap to hold the notebook firmly.

Storage Compartments:

Vivo has given extra interior padded cloth lining that effectively absorbs any vibration and withstand accidental bumps and protect the laptop from shock and damage. There is no separate zipper compartment for notebook and this rip proof laptop bag is built under carry case style and when you open the flap you can easily access the notebook and other accessories.

This ladies laptop bag has two outer compartments and the front compartment is provided with closing flap for keeping documents and papers. The back compartment is provided with zipper but it has thin space and cannot be used to keep bulky items. Apart from documents and papers you cannot keep any other important bulky items inside the front compartment and it is not safe. The flap is just used as a closing cover but not a safe storage for keeping organizer, pocket PC or calculator.

Vivo Pink 17-inch Women Laptop Bag


Outer layer is made up of high quality faux leather and the inner compartment is finished with water resistant nylon material that protects the laptop from the moist weather condition. The faux leather material gives extended durability and last for years. All the compartments are built under well organised space management system and enable you to keep stationeries, spare batteries and personal organiser. There is a wide mesh pocket, three pen holder, small inner card holder and a document compartment in the inner compartment. This carry case bag is soft padded handle and removable shoulder strap with adjustable padded flap near the shoulder.

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