ANSIO Mattress Air Bed With 2 Year Warranty Review!

ANSIO Mattress Air Bed

ANSIO Mattress Air Bed With 2 Year Warranty Review!

In this review of the ANSIO Mattress Air Bed, we will share the top features and why we think it’s a good air mattress to buy.

Also, we are going to give you a walkthrough on any standout and top features, you’ll be getting if you purchase the ANSIO Mattress Air Bed.

What you get in value and will also, let you know what others are saying about the ANSIO Mattress Air Bed. All the pro’s and con’s that we find out about this product, to let you know whether it’s a good product to buy or not. In turn, this allows you to make a better buying decision, saving you all the time of going through hundreds of other reviews.

Review Of The ANSIO Mattress Air Bed!

So, starting, the ANSIO Mattress Air Bed comes in with a 2 years warranty. Which is great, because it’s giving a backing right off the bat for their product. There is also an electric built-in pump for fast inflating and deflating. States only takes a few minutes to pump up to be fully ready for use. There is also, a safety valve fitted, and let’s air out when it reaches full air capacity. A nice feature to have, least you’ll never blow it up. Haha… We haven’t seen this on any other model in the market yet!

So, this product is only available in the Queen size model, and no others are in the Ansio range that we know of yet. As mentioned above it comes with a built-in electric pump, however, you also have the option to use a manual pump to on this model. (You have to purchase these separately). Also, the ANSIO Mattress Air Bed has been built with an integrated and raised pillow section. The designing of this is there to give maximum support to the entire body and boost comfort.

ANSIO Mattress Air Bed

Main Stand Out Features For The ANSIO Mattress Air Bed!

Main Features

So, this product comes with their 2 years warranty, this means a lot with us because they are backing their product. First of all, we feel that any company that has placed backing for their products is great. They are standing behind it for you to feel better once you’ve purchased and with any problems they will back you.

The choice of having two pump methods is also, great because if you have no electric or power guts, you’ll still be able to use this air mattress. A manual pump is cheap to pick up too, making this one great for camping trips too. Also, with this product it is meant for occasional use only, this is also good for short camping holidays or when you have a guest staying over. The price is very good too and you’ll get free shipping for this item too, Bonus…

Sizes And Dimensions

Approximate Dimension and sizing are

Sizing in cm – 203cm long x 152 cm wide x 46 cm high. The Sizing in inches 80 inches long x 60 inches wide x 18 inches high. Also, we have the sizing in feet for the old school readers – 6.66 feet long x 5 feet wide x 1.5 feet high.

Now, for a Queen size bed, this is quite large and could fit two sleeping very well.

Weight Capacity

Is the ANSIO Mattress Air Bed strong enough to hold out? We estimate the maximum limit is around 300kgs – 661lbs – 47.24st. So, you should be fine with this one holding out as the strength for weigh capacity is a fairly large amount. This is good for a Queen size air mattress.

Pros And Cons Of The ANSIO Mattress Air Bed!

So, before to do jump over to… You may what to read a few of the pros and cons we found out about this product. We’ve put together a small list for you to check over below.


  • Very comfortable, easy, and fast to inflate.
  • Holds air very well.
  • Perfect for a guest bed.
  • Great for camping.
  • Customer service quick to respond.


  • Very strong smell for the first few days of use.

ANSIO Mattress Air Bed

Customer And User Opinion Of The ANSIO Mattress Air Bed!

As a result, there are only 7 people on who have made a purchase of this product and left reviews. All of them have left positive reviews. There are properly hundreds more that have purchased this product from, but haven’t left reviews. Did you know they estimate that for every 10,000 sales they may get 1 review left?

Most people are saying it’s very comfortable and fast to set up. There’s a couple that has brought more than 1 because that liked it that much.

ANSIO Mattress Air Bed Summary And Verdict!

So, the star rating for the ANSIO Mattress Air Bed coming in high at 4.7 out of 5… 68% are at 5 stars. 4 stars are at 32% and 3,2 and 1 all coming in with no % at all. Above all, for our rating we want to place it at number 7 for our top-rated air mattress choice. We feel this is fair and we do highly recommend the ANSIO Mattress Air Bed… As this should only be used for occasional use, it makes for a great guest bed or camping bed.

Also, it’s not good for everyday use. You may want to check out below for a more suited model for your needs if you’re looking for a more in use air bed or mattress.

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