SOL REPUBLIC Tracks HD Headphones Review


SOL REPUBLIC Tracks HD Headphones Review

Stylish, sleek, dynamic, and provocative, the SOL Republic Headphones (Amps HD or Tracks HD) are the latest in a series of new wave headphone technologies. Are you tired of your plain old iPod earbuds which simply seem to be nothing but a pair of styrofoam earphones that provide, at best, mediocre sound? Your earphones should be able to survive any type of environment – from a club environment to the workout gym or on an airplane. The special and uniquely engineered polymer used for the SOL headphones can withstand a wide range of wear and tear.

Before purchasing headphones, you need to ensure they meet a set of requirements. So, let’s review each requirement which will give you insight into why we view the SOL Republic Amps HD as one of the best on the market today.

How The SOL Republic Headphones (Amps HD or Tracks HD) Meets Our Headphones Criteria


They should fit comfortably

This should be high on the list as your will be wearing the headphones quite often. Therefore ensure they feel comfortable in your ears and around your neck. They should not catch easily on your clothing or around your neck.

2. “Closed-back” headphones are a must

Closed back headphones have a solid casing – not an open casing around the ear pieces. This helps to reduce any background noise and isolates the sound from the ear pieces.

3. Are they LOUD enough?

Some places can be rather loud (i.e. workout gym). Your generic iPod earphones may sound average or decent at home, but they may not be able to give you the volume you need when you are out in a loud environment. Giving you good volume is not enough either – they need to provide clarity while blasting, too. Being able to provide a crisp, clear sound regardless of the frequency and scale is important and should be considered.

4. Your headphones should be durable

Think about it – eventually your headphones will be snatched, yanked and thrown around from time to time. You will probably spill some drinks and have stuff piled on them, too. Let’s admit it; your headphones will go through a lot during its lifetime. So why buy cheap, low-quality ones?

5. Do they look good?

To say the least, you do not want to have crappy, goofy-looking headphones around your neck. They should be stylish, sleek, sexy, eye-catching and attractive. Making sure your headphones look the part will make you feel more confident if nothing else.

Features and Benefits Of The SOL Republic Headphones

  • Amps HD are in-ear headphones featuring the truly dynamic i6 HIgh-Definition Sound EngineTM speakers thereby giving you unsurpassed sound quality and clarity.
  • Curved in-ear design to fit the ear’s natural shape and a right-angle connector so the cable doesn’t break – this helps to reduce background noise and isolate the sound you want to hear.
  • Comfortable in-ear headphones engineered to stay in place while providing a secure seal – this limits any unnecessary moment of the earphones.
  • Amps HD are available in black and aluminum and feature a carrying case.
  • Available with four multiple tip options for the perfect fit in any ear
  • Equipped with a tangle free cord and with a 3-button remote and microphone
  • Designed to nest comfortably in your ear with SOL REPUBLIC round Sound Engines
  • Engineered with angled shafts that mirror the natural shape of the ear canal – fit focused
  • Using a new technology called FlexTech which their engineers based on polymer, makes the SOL Headphones nearly indestructible
  • Weight: 1.1lbs and under


Does The SOL Republic Amps HD Come With A Warranty?

The SOL Republic Amps HD comes with a one-year warranty which brings peace of mind.

What Are Others Saying About The SOL Republic Amps HD?

  • “The Amps HD sounds smooth, satisfying, and punchy, and it’s great for pop, rock, jazz and hip-hop, which means we think most people will like it a lot”
  • “Gotta pair of SOL REPUBLIC Amps HD in-ear headphones today. They sound outstanding.”
  • “Love you @solrepublic my ears were loving the clarity and big bass on my new pair of Amps HD!”

What Are The Cons?

None that we know of at this moment.

What’s Included With Your Order?

  • i6 (Amps HD) or V8 (Tracks HD) Sound Engine Earphones
  • Remote + Mic
  • Tangle-free Cord
  • Carrying Case
  • SOL Republic Tracks HD colors: Black, Silver, Red, White

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