Be.ez LE vertigo 15.4 inch Laptop Bag Review


Be.ez LE vertigo 15.4 inch Laptop Bag Review

Be.ez is a French brand name that introduces stylish bags for active mobile life. You can find innovative design and useful features for carrying valuable notebook. Be.ez LE vertigo 15.4 inch laptop Bag is a stylish bag with funky design. At first instance it does not look like a laptop bag but featured like a shoulder bag with long flap covering in the front.

It is specially made for 15.4 inch Mac Book and you can comfortably use screen size from 12 inch and additionally you would get extra space around the laptop compartment. This French brand Be.ez has introduced this stylish laptop bag for fashion conscious people and for those who likes to see their fashion identity in the bag when they mingle with the metro social group. It is available with the wide variety of colours such as Prune, Kakee, Ebene, Street and Pearl. This stylish bag looks very slim and provides more room to keep 15.4 inch notebook vertically along with functional computer accessories and magazines.

Be.ez LE vertigo 15.4 inch Laptop Bag

Cross Style Shoulder Strap:

The eye catching style in this bag is it would stay vertical to your body along with the cross shoulder carrying strap. It strictly adhere to your body and stays vertically throughout your journey, which gives safe protection to your notebook. The carrying strap is made with wide fabric structure that comfortably hugs your shoulder in cross style and does not make you feel the weight on your shoulder. The shoulder strap has a simple adjustable length to suit your height and made with ring holder that has smooth nickel finish at the edge for full support and safety. It is made with nylon material with sturdy look and last for longer life. This Be.ez LE vertigo laptop Notebook bag is made with water proof nylon material that is fully covered the outside layer of the bag and protects your valuable notebook from moist weather.

Laptop Compartments:

The inside of this Be.ez LE vertigo notebook bag has padded computer sleeves to give great support to the notebook round the corner. It prevents the effect of sudden jolt and impact on the notebook and provides reinforced protection. Smooth rubberised coating is given around the side and the bottom of the bag. Long cover flap has oval edge at the corner and stay closed with Velcro closure. It has some interesting look when you open the long cover flap in which the inside laptop compartment is placed in the rear and provided with adjustable strap at the top to keep closely tight inside the wide space compartment.

Inner Compartments:

The laptop compartment is padded and the computer sleeve would normally protect your notebook from dangle. A fine mesh pocket is located on the above, which can be used to keep magazines, folders, pads, important documents and papers. Two fully zipped compartments are located in the front of the mesh pocket that helps you to keep portable mouse, power adaptors and other important notebook related accessories. Above the zipped compartment there are small pockets available to keep iPods, phone and other small items that you carry frequently.

Be.ez LE vertigo 15.4″ Laptop Bag – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Be.ez LE vertigo
Type of Bag Sleeve
External size 400 x 300 x 80 mm
Material Water proof Nylon material
Anti shock protection Yes
Padding Yes
Strap type Wide Nylon strap
Handle No
Card holder No
Weight 850 grams
Features Separate laptop compartment, mesh pouch, three small pockets,
two zipped compartment
Inner storage pockets Yes
Outer storage pockets No
Inner compartments Yes
Outer compartments No
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