Swissgear GA-7483-14F00 Epoch 15.4-inch Notebook Case Review

Swissgear Epoch 15.4-inch Notebook Case

Swissgear GA-7483-14F00 Epoch 15.4-inch Notebook Case Review

Swissgear’s collection of notebook cases and backpacks is never short of quality and elegant design. Designed to protect mostly 15”/15.4 and 17” notebooks, their notebook cases are marked by style and convenience to make you feel comfortable wherever you go. The Swissgear GA-7483-14F00 Epoch 15.4-inch Notebook Case is a sportive case that is designed to fit notebooks with screen sizes up to 15.4 inches. This laptop bag helps eliminates the risk of developing tennis-elbow for especially those who carry their laptops on a daily basis. The laptop bag also allows you to hand-carry a lot of additional accessories.

Swissgear Epoch 15.4-inch Notebook Case

Made of Polyester/Nylon:

This Swissgear GA-7483-14F00 laptop bag is made of Polyester/Nylon mix all around that accounts for durability and hence last longer than ordinary cases that are usually built with cheap standard material. The nylon fabric is water resistant and it will retain its toughness and solidity, no matter what you place inside the bag.


Constructed from what we felt like neoprene, this laptop bag has solid zip toggles with grey panels on the front. Adding bit of class to the design are fine, small red flashes that you can find on the front and sides of the bag. The central pocket is designed to support a laptop up to about 15.4 inches in size. This pocket is split into two by a divider having a Velcro tab at the top. This allows the laptop to be held safely while your accessories can be kept in the other half.

The rear pocket is divided into two which it makes it ideal for holding files, documents, newspapers, etc., And there is a trolley strap too making this bag compatible to all pull bar rolling luggage. A fine contrasting colour touches on all the side of the laptop bag making it look quite smart to carry it around with you to work or on the go.

Protective Computer Compartment:

A protective computer compartment can hold up to a to a 15.4” notebook. This also keeps your laptop safe and isolated from bumps and scratches or when you accidentally drop on the ground.

File Compartment:

We travel a lot and just at a time when we were looking for a bag that has a spacious file compartment for storing important files, papers and newspapers, we found this one as these items can be stored at the back. Needless to say that there are several pocket compartments and generous space for sure even with the laptop inside it and its accessories slotted in. Therefore, you will never fall short of space to carry around all your other gadgets in it. More importantly, we find that the compartment has plenty of room for the notebook and would take a bigger notebook.

Compartments in Swissgear GA-7483-14F00 Epoch

All Business Organizer:

The first pocket is referred to by the manufacturer as ‘All business organizer’ and there is lot more reason why as you can store all your business accessories including calculator, keys, business cards, PCMCIA cards, floppy disks, power packs, external drives to memory chips and media here. It has also got many extra zips and slips pockets. And not to mention one which is clearly meant to place a Swiss Army knife.

Easy Access Front Pocket:

In addition, there is a front zip pocket on the front flap which is designed for easy access meant for storing essential items such as keys, etc. It even has a mobile phone pocket. Your day planner, favourite pens, highlighter and MP3 player will all find safe storage in this bag. Having extra bits and pieces like your charger in this pocket is always useful in case of an emergency.

Soft-Grip Padded Handles:

An ergonomically designed Soft-Grip Padded Handles on the top is quite wide and moulds quite well to your hand as you carry the case. The manufacturer has made sure that you are really comfortable even when you are carrying a heavy load.

Tear-Resistant Shoulder Strap:

In terms of carrying the Epoch 15.4-inch laptop bag, its top handle is split into two halves similar to a shopping bag. You can find a shoulder strap that attaches to the sides having a long, well padded middle section and looks quite decent. The shoulder strap is tear and water resistant. The length of the shoulder strap is fully adjustable. The downside is that it is not detachable, the inclusion of which might have been littler better in terms of mobility.

Other details:

This bag complies with most airline limitations for hand luggage with the standard size being 9.8″ (D) x 22″ (W) x 17.7″ (H) / 25(D) x 56 (W) x 45 cm (H). The manufacturer offers lifetime warranty for this product.


Though it has a lot of pockets, it is neither too big nor the slimmest one, but you may count on the plenty of space it offers and the protection it gives to the laptop, all at a good price. Also, the neutral tone suggests that it can be a unisex case.

Swissgear GA-7483-14F00 Epoch – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Swissgear
Model Name GA-7483-14F00 Epoch 15.4-inch Notebook Case
Product code GA-7483-14F00
Type of Bag Carry case
External size (D x W x H) 7.5” x 16.5” x 12” / 19 x 41.9 x 30.5 cm
Material Polyester/Nylon
Available Colour Black (with grey panels)
Anti shock protection Yes
Water resistant Yes
Padding Yes
Strap type Shoulder Strap
Material of Strap Polyester/Nylon
Storage capacity Up to 15.4” Notebook
Business Organizer Yes
Front Pocket (for quick access) Yes
Handle Soft-Grip Padded Handle
Card holder Yes
Removable pouch for adaptor & cables No
Inner storage pockets Yes
Outer storage pockets Yes
Inner Compartment Yes
Outer Compartment Yes
Partition Yes
Warranty Lifetime
Gender to use Unisex
Features Fully adjustable, Tear-Resistant Shoulder Strap
Easy Access Front Pocket
Velcro tab at the top
Fine contrasting colour
File Compartment
Compatibility with hand luggage of most airlines Yes
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